Charbonnel et Walker – Dark Marc de Champagne Truffles

Chocolate fit for Her Majesty, the Queen…? Charbonnel et Walker hold a Royal Warrant as Chocolate Manufacturers to the Queen. If Her Majesty approves, it should be good, right?

I’ve seen these at Holt Renfrew and on Neiman Marcus online and wondered… why are these truffles so expensive? Unwilling to splurge $20+ for such a small box, I was very ecstatic when I saw them at Homesense [Cross Iron Mills] yesterday for $12.99 and I decided it was time to splurge.  They had the regular milk chocolate ones as well as pink truffle hearts, but I prefer dark chocolate truffles myself so that’s what I chose.

C&W 1

Here’s the box.

And inside – eight truffles.

After one glorious bite…

Hmmmmm.  Champagne.  Very strong flavors of champagne.  The chocolate portion was crafted very well and it was very creamy.  Also, because it is dark chocolate it was not very sweet.  The champagne would balance out whatever sweetness the chocolate has anyway.  They were also lightly dusted with cocoa powder – unprocessed natural cocoa powder? Wishful thinking, though I really can’t tell ya.

I think this would make a great gift for a fine chocolate lover! I wouldn’t mind buying it again but of course only at the Homesense price :p I wish we would have the full range of variety here in Canada though!


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