Dinner at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse

I have always though Ruth’s Chris was a very high end steakhouse with the prices to match, and that they pride themselves in serving USDA Prime beef.  I personally prefer hubby’s steaks (locally farmed Angus steaks or Costco ones… oh yes) grilled to my liking on his Ducane, and I’m not crazy about paying $50+ for just a steak.  Call me cheap, maybe, but I just don’t see it.  As we know higher price doesn’t always mean higher quality.  However, I recently came across their Sunday Traditional Menu – for $33, you start with a starter size of their Harvest salad, followed by a 6 oz tenderloin topped with three cajun shrimps (paired with mashed potato and broccoli) and finished off with chef’s dessert duo.  I thought it was a great deal and an economic way to try out this restaurant, so I brought K with me here last night.

RC - interior

Interior of the upper section.

I’m going to start by saying that when you’re paying big bucks to eat here, you’re paying for the atmosphere & service, and if you have an expense account… unfortunately I don’t.  Maybe later when I have clients to take out, lol! Anyways, the restaurant is decorated very nicely and you do seat very comfortably.  Our server was very knowledged, and as K said, very proper.  How to explain… very technical? He checked on us a lot, which was great, and made sure we were taken care of.

Here’s what we ordered tonight:

I apologize for the dark pictures.  My iPhone has problems with the flash so I cannot take pictures with it on, and it was dim in the restaurant.

RC - ahi tuna

Seared Ahi Tuna – $21

Perfectly complemented by a spirited sauce with hints of ginger, mustard and beer.

I had high expectations for this dish, being the restaurant that I’m at.  However, this was hard to eat.  It was extremely salty and somewhat spicy.  K and I just didn’t like it at all.  The spices they use completely masked the flavors of the tuna and maybe that’s what they were trying to achieve? The thing is it’s not like you can really send something back to the kitchen just b/c you don’t like it,  can you? It was very disappointing.  I would not order this again.  We wish we hadn’t ordered it.   Portion was also very skimpy for the price.

RC - bread

Complimentary Bread

Ciabatta buns – half topped with minimal garlic butter and the other was garlic butter and cheese.  Not sure if the buns were baked in house but at least they were warm.

RC - salad

Harvest Salad – Starter Size

Mixed greens topped with house-made white balsamic vinaigrette dressing, dried cherries, crispy onions, roasted corn, cajun pecans, bacon and crumbled goat cheese.

I really liked this salad.  There was a good variety of toppings on it and the white balsamic vinaigrette was just delicious.  I would eat this again and again! The only thing I didn’t quite like as much was that the crispy onions were very oily and you get a burst of oil into your mouth as you eat it with the greens.  Ack.

RC - tenderloin

6 oz Beef Tenderloin topped with 3 Cajun Shrimps

Served on a very hot plate – so my suggestion is however you like your steak to be cooked, order it one notch less done (aka order rare if you like medium rare) b/c the steak will continue to cook a bit on the plate.  The butter was sizzling and splattering allover.  I have to say the hot plate was perfect to warm up the mashed potato and broccoli.  Now, I’m not new to USDA [corn-fed] steak.  I’ve had it before and I don’t mind it.  It’s definitely not bad in any way and I’m not against having it served in Alberta either.  My personal preference is grass-fed beef and Alberta cattle is mostly grain-fed.  This tenderloin was extremely tender but also quite buttery, and that’s a Ruth’s Chris thing.  You can always opt for extra or no butter but I thought I should try it with the standard amount of butter – I used the excess on my veggies anyway.  I know I heard someone around us ordered extra butter and my immediate reaction was really…? Anyways, it was a good steak.  The cajun shrimp was large and very meaty – I liked them a lot and wouldn’t mind eating more of those.

RC - side

Mashed Potato and Steamed Broccoli

Standard mash and broccoli.  Not much flavor so perfect to eat them with the extra butter on your plate.

RC - dessert

Chef’s Dessert Duo

Chocolate Sin Cake and Sweet Cream [with berries]

When I saw the server carrying this over with the little ramekin, I was so hoping it would be creme brulee.  The chocolate cake was sinfully rich and delicious but it was just sweet enough.  The sweet cream – never had it before – was not a good pairing to this rich cake imo b/c it only made it sweeter.  I think something more neutral would’ve been a better contrast.

I think Ruth’s Chris is a place where I need to return a few more times before I can determine if I like them or not.  K and I certainly enjoyed our dinner tonight with the exception of the ahi tuna appetizer.  Service was top notch and expected for a place like this.  Prices are quite high, and I’m still not ready to fork out $50+ for a steak.

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