Dinner at Shibuya Izakaya

I’ve been super excited to try the live uni (sea urchin) at Shibuya ever since I saw it in an ad in a Chinese newspaper. Hubby and I both love uni and attempted to go last Saturday, but a quick call to their restaurant revealed that they were sold out of the night, and a new shipment may arrive Tuesday or Thursday. Since my other brother is back in town from the boonies on Wednesday, we decided to come here for dinner since he craves sushi, and I was trying my luck to get the live uni.  Besides that though, I always enjoy the food at Shibuya.

Here’s what we ordered tonight:

Shibuya - salmon sashimi (2)

Salmon Sashimi (7 pcs) – $11.95

Perfectly sliced fresh, creamy Atlantic salmon sashimi.  I loved the fatty and smooth texture of them.

Shibuya - toro sashimi

Toro Sashimi (7 pcs) – $14.95

This was my first time ordering toro sashimi here and I have to say I was not completely satisfied with the quality.  Not all the pieces were creamy and melt in your mouth.  I just don’t think they were sliced well enough to bring out the creaminess to them.  Also the front two pieces were different than the back five – I’m guessing from different fishes?

Shibuya - chicken karaage

Chicken Karaage – $5.95

My brother L’s favorite item to order.  I thought they were only ok but he enjoyed them. They were served piping hot with a sweet chili sauce for dipping.

Shibuya - black cod

Black Cod – $10.95

My most favorite cooked dish here.  I know the secret to making this is to marinated it for a long time – like several days in a row.  I know I have read somewhere that Shibuya marinates theirs for 48 hours or something like that. I love how sweet the sauce is, and the texture of the fish is soft and buttery.

Shibuya - live uni

Live Uni (5 pcs) – $18.95

Star of the night – what we came here for.  As soon as I sat down I flagged a waitress down and asked if they had live uni tonight.  She checked and said there was one left – I quickly ordered it! The texture of this was definitely smooth, firm yet buttery and it tasted sweet and fresh.  It has a nice golden color which should mean it’s a higher grade.  I enjoy them as sashimi, but I always feel that because it’s so rich you need to eat it with a bit of rice – so I stole some from my brother’s bowl to eat with it.

Shibuya - uni shell

After we were done I scraped all the shredded daikon off and was surprised to see that it was green and black!

Shibuya - $1.25 oysters

Oyster Night Special – $1.25/pc

Very standard but meaty oysters at a special price Monday – Friday.  Minimum $15 order before you can get six of these.  They are served with ponzu sauce and a green onion garnish that is paired very well.

Shibuya - chicken yakisoba

Chicken Yakisoba – $10.95

This was my mom’s order.  A large portion of standard but delicious chicken yakisoba topped with an abundance of fish flakes.  She really enjoyed this.

Shibuya -  tonkatsu

Tonkatsu Dinner – $13.95

My brother L’s order.  He loves tonkatsu and the one here is made very well.  Served with a bowl of rice, side salad and miso soup.  The tonkatsu is the right amount of thickness and the batter is beautifully done. Meat was not dry and was great with the dipping sauce.

Shibuya - chicken teriyaki

Chicken Teriyaki Dinner – $12.95

My brother W’s order.  Standard tasting but also delicious.  Also served with a bowl of rice, side salad and miso soup.   I like how the teriyaki sauce is slightly sticky but not overly sweet.

Shibuya - rolls

Shibuya - rolls cu

Rolls: Unagi Melody – $14.80; Spider Roll – $13.80

The two rolls that we ordered tonight.  I’ve always liked the Unagi Melody but this was our first time trying the Spider Roll.  I wonder why the Spider Roll is triangular shaped but it doesn’t affect the taste or anything.  I just find that it was topped with way too much mayo so it completely masked the flavors of the entire roll.  It was a nice, warm, crunhy roll though – same for the Unagi Melody.  I can forsee myself eating these two a lot when I’m pregnant again… 🙂

Shibuya - sashimi salad

Sashimi Salad – $9.80

Spring mix & sprouts topped with a variety of tamago, octopus, salmon, and red snapper, drizzled with a tangy vinaigrette.  I love how refreshing this salad is.  However, we didn’t get this until the end of our meals – I would’ve preferred to start with my salad.

Shibuya - hamachi sashimi

Hamachi Sashimi – $14.95

This was a last minute add on.  We weren’t planning to order this but I saw the table next to us ordered it and it looked so good… so I had to. Hamachi has a very smooth but firm texture and can taste fishy if it’s not fresh.  Not the case here! These ones were also more pink than the ones that I normally get… different fat content? Anyways these were really smooth and oily.  Hmmmmm so glad we got these before we left. I was so happy to have got the live uni tonight, along with all the other delicious food.  Service tonight wasn’t as good as the other times I’ve been there.  It was definitely a very busy night and some food took longer to come out than others, and also at random intervals.  The tonkatsu came out half an hour before the teriyaki chicken one, and then my sashimi salad arrived near the end.  Appetizers are supposed to be served before one’s meal to stimulate their appetite…! So besides the mish-mash order of how the food came out, everything else was pretty good.  I highly recommend you trying their live uni if that is your thing!

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