Noosa Yoghurt – Possibly the BEST yogurt on Earth! Fage Greek Yogurt – Also Good!

Have you ever had yogurt that tasted like ice cream?

I was shopping for a full fat, natural yogurt for my toddler while I was in Hawaii.  Target is one of my favorite stores to venture because their selection is just excellent and the prices are pretty good.  Also, they really care about customer satisfaction.  You see so many neat things that you definitely won’t find at say, Walmart, and definitely not in Calgary.  For example, this Noosa yoghurt…

It was ultra creamy.  First spoonful and I said to my husband, this is the best yogurt ever.  It tastes like ice cream.  He was skeptical until I bought him a container (I was not about to share mine).

I tried the mango one as well as the blueberry one.

I suspect that it tastes so creamy due to the higher fat content but I never buy those zero/low calorie yogurt that is laden with aspartame or other types of artificial sweetener.  My go to one is always Liberte’s Frouto Greek Yogurt.

Here is the ingredients and nutrition information:

I REALLY hope Target will bring this to their Calgary store!

05/21/13 – Yeah right, what a waste of space Target Canada is.  Everything is overpriced – you can get the same items elsewhere for less.  I’m sorry, but if you’re going to invade into Canadian businesses, at least show me a reason (like different products) why I should buy from you vs. other companies.  Huge disappointment!

We also tried this Fage yogurt. Honey and Cherry.

This is the Honey one.  Thick, creamy Greek yogurt paired with real honey.  Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm… this can easily be one of my favorite Greek yogurts… if Target will also bring it in! Nah!

2 thoughts on “Noosa Yoghurt – Possibly the BEST yogurt on Earth! Fage Greek Yogurt – Also Good!

    • Hi Reba – I wish I can help you, but I don’t live in the U.S., and it’s not available in Canada 😦 However you can email or call their customer service and I’m sure they can give you more info!

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