Brunch at Carino Japanese Bistro + Wine

S, M, K and I decided to meet up for brunch a couple Sundays ago and Carino was decided b/c M had wanted to try the chicken and waffles.  Funny thing is… she didn’t even end up ordering it! I’ve been here for dinner before and quite enjoyed the food, so I knew it wouldn’t be long until I came back again.  However, I was more anxious to try their brunch and lunch menu b/c the menu items sounded interesting.

Here’s what we ordered today:

Carino - Yakisoba w Poached Eggs

Yakisoba with Two Poached Eggs – $11

This was my order.  Carbs and protein for breakfast, hmmmmm! I do wish that Carino would have some low carb options for breakfast though.  The noodles were nicely fried with the yakisoba sauce that you can find in any Asian supermarket.  The chunks of pork belly were nicely seared and had great flavors.  The eggs were softly poached but were virtually flavorless.  I broke the yolks allover the noodles but I didn’t feel that it did much.

Carino - FSM Hash

FSM Hash – $14

This was K’s order.  We were wondering what FSM stands for (we still don’t know).  I can’t even tell where the meat is in her dish – seems like it was mostly potatoes.  I sampled one of the potato chunks and it was flavored well.  The Hollandaise sauce was tasty!

Carino - Domo Arigato Omelet

Domo-Arigatou Omelet – $12

This was S’s order.  A well-executed omelet on a bed of rice, topped with something of a soy sauce? I sampled it as well and really liked it – wish I ordered it for myself instead.  In terms of portion size this was the best bang for your buck.

Carino - Croque Madame & Croquette

Croque Madame & Croquette – $14

This was M’s order.  I didn’t sample it but I imagine it tasted as it looks.

While I enjoyed my brunch today, K and I both thought that the portions were quite small.  We were barely full and the prices are not cheap.  I was also expecting to see a daily special like they have for dinner but there was none this day.  I do like the Japanese concept incorporated into some of the dishes but I also feel that something more can be done (aka some items are a bit too simple).  Regardless I do like this restaurant but I think I prefer their dinner more than their brunch.

My previous visit at Carino

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