Lunch at Rush

Rush - Table

S recently asked me if I was interested in Rush’s $25 3 course lunch menu, and my first question was – what’s included? She didn’t know, and it wasn’t posted on the website, but I guess it changes daily.  I’ve been to Rush last year during the Dine Out event and even though I was impressed with the quality of the food, I left hungry after spending $55 on their gourmet menu (minus wine) b/c the portions were really small.  That has sorta deterred me from returning… until recently.  So this is what the menu composes of:

$25 for 3 courses, or an additional $10 with wine pairing

Choice of salad or soup, choice of rotisserie or braise, and Trio of petite desserts

Sounds promising, and I was expecting small portions, but I was actually surprised this time b/c we left full.  S and I both ended up ordering the same items too.

Here’s what we ordered today:

Rush - Sweet Potato Puree Soup

Creamy Sweet Potato Puree Soup

I quite liked the subtle sweetness that this soup brings.  The addition of chili flakes brings a tiny spark of heat to your mouth and it was welcoming.

Rush - Duck Confit

Duck Confit, Brussel Sprouts, Creamy Mashed Potatoes

I thought the duck confit smelled and tasted a bit like Chinese dried cured duck leg, but it was good.  The meat was tender and soft, albeit a bit salty.  The mashed potatoes were ultra creamy – very blended and pureed.  The brussel sprouts were simply roasted and tasted like it should on its own.  I find the two “sides” a bit under seasoned but since the duck confit was a bit salty, they ended up complementing each other.

Rush - Trio of Desserts

Trio of DessertsPanna Cotta, Sorbet, Tart

These were all excellent and of course I wish they were bigger portions (especially the panna cotta) so they were more like tasting sizes.

Service, like usual, was attentive and professional.  The servers are there when you need them to be (aka to fill water, clear dishes out of your way, etc.) but also leave you alone if you are in the middle of a conversation.  The food came out at a good pace – we finished within an hour.  I have to say this set lunch was actually a good deal and I wouldn’t mind coming back again.  Of course, I’m still contemplating if I should return to their dine out event this year…

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