Dinner at Moxie’s

I haven’t been to a Moxie’s for a while (like… a decade). When I was in my teens I thought of Moxie’s as fine dining. As time went on and my income has increased substantially since – along with all the other restaurant choices I started exploring more. Moxie’s then became a chain restaurant that was buried in the back of my mind.  So then, hubby received a $100 gift card from his company last Christmas and we decided to go use it last night.  I would say Moxie’s is a kid-friendly place and we wouldn’t mind coming here again, except I didn’t have a good dining experience at all.  From mediocre food to… I don’t want to say bad service, but it wasn’t good by any means either… so I don’t think I will return for a while.

Here’s what we ordered tonight:

Moxie's - Scallop and Crab Cakes

Scallop and Crab Cakes – $12.99

Two crispy and piping hot scallop & crab cakes resting on a dollop of creole aioli.  This wasn’t bad, and the crab meat was definitely the dominant taste here.  In fact, I may have counted only two small chunks of scallop in my cake, that’s it.  It almost seems unnecessary to have it in there.  The creole flavor in the aioli was rather mild so the whole thing just tasted like mayo, but this was a decent appetizer overall.

Moxie's - NY Steak with Peppercorn

Peppercorn New York Steak – $29.99
with stuffed potato and green beans + baby summer squash

This was hubby’s order.  I’ll save the ranting on the steak for my dish but he had asked for rare and it came medium rare.  However, he was ok with it and kept it.  I didn’t try it – I had a couple forkfuls of the stuffed potato and it was pretty tasty.

Moxie's - Top Sirloin with Shrimp Skewer

Top Sirloin with Jumbo Prawns Skewer – $19.99 + $5.99
double order of green beans + baby summer squash

I didn’t want the potato side (stuffed or baked) so I got a double serving of their vegetables, as well as added a skewer of their “jumbo” prawns.  Yes, I quoted jumbo b/c those were not in any way jumbo.  I don’t even know how they were cooked b/c I couldn’t taste any seasoning on it.  And really… 3 dinky prawns for $5.99? Wow.  So, my steak.  I asked for rare, and it came out medium.  I flagged down our waitress who actually said… we’ll make you a new one, if that’s what you want.  Well yeah! Why else would I flag you down? Minutes later the manager came by to see what was going on and I told him my steak was overcooked.  He took my steak back and said a new one will be brought out… and the new one honestly was not any better.  It was between medium rare and rare, but it was cold inside.  Not cool, COLD.  The outside was barely hot.  Honestly, I can make a better 1.5 inch thick rare steak on my frying pan.  I was so hungry at this point and hubby had already finished his steak so I ate it as I didn’t want to send it back again.  I don’t know what to say, except they should hire a new cook for their steaks.  The steak was also quite grisly and tough – I did not like it at all.  I do appreciate that they rushed my second steak.

Moxie's - Kid's Grilled Chicken + Penne Dinner

Kid’s Grilled Chicken with Asiago Cream Penne Dinner – $7.99
includes choice of drink and dessert

I ordered this for our son which he actually really liked.  I tried a penne and the cream sauce was flavorful but not heavy.  The chicken wasn’t too dry and the broccoli was simply steamed.

Moxie's - Kid's Dessert

Kid’s Dessert – Vanilla Ice Cream topped with Chocolate Sauce

This was the dessert that came with my son’s dinner.  Very simple – and he gobbled it up in no time.  The smoke comes from pouring water into dry ice.

Moxie's - Mini Mousse

Dark Chocolate Mousse – $2.99

I wasn’t interested in any of the other desserts on the menu so I just settled for this.  I actually thought this was a really good chocolate mousse – rich and decadent, but not heavy except for the chocolate sauce on top.  My son stole a few spoonfuls from this too.

I definitely was not that impressed with my meal here tonight.  I was also not impressed with our server.  Like I mentioned, it wasn’t like her service was bad, but it was definitely not good, and kind of not there.  I didn’t think my steak situation warranted calling the manager but perhaps that’s the protocol the restaurant follows, I do not know.  But later when we paid we had an issue with the gift card – the server said she can’t get it to work – something like there is no balance on it.  She said she swiped it three times and the transaction wouldn’t complete, so we had no choice but to pay by credit card.  However, my husband then decided to go online to check the balance and it clearly still shows $100 without any transaction histories.  Once again, the manager was called and he went to check, then came back and verified that there is indeed a balance of $100 on it.  He had to call Visa to manually refund our money, then who knows what happened… the server was able to put the gift card through this time! I don’t know – I just found our server not that helpful and she just called the manager every time we had a problem.  I felt bad harassing the poor guy but at the same time, it’s not like we caused any of the problems.  I just felt like our tip should’ve went to him instead.

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