Product Review: Cuisine Solutions Lamb Shank with Rosemary & Mint Sauce

I’ve been eyeing this at Costco for a few months and finally decided to bite the bullet… it’s not that they were expensive or anything, but I am trying to cook from scratch more.  Yet I’m a bit cautious when it comes to making lamb b/c I’m not super confident when combating the  gamey taste.  Also, I’ve been on quite a lamb kick lately, and I feel that this should help me satisfy my craving.

This is what the packages look like.  You’ll need to remove everything out of the pouch and dump it into the black tray before you microwave it.  There’s three ways you can cook this, but since I didn’t read the cooking instructions ahead of time I only had time to microwave it.  Next time I will boil the packages instead and cook it that way (it takes 30 minutes).

After 7 minutes of bathing in the microwave…

As my vegetable side, I sauteed celery chunks minced garlic, a dash of chicken broth and a tiny bit of oyster sauce.

Paired with white rice.  Hmmmmmm.

This was really delicious.  I love how tender and fall off the (shank) bone the meat was.  The sauce was so rich and flavorful.  I believe the company website stated this was cooked via sous vide.  Well hey, since I don’t have a sous vide machine at home (and probably will never) I can continue to justify buying this product! I’m just a little sad that I didn’t buy the Osso Bucco one before Costco stopped selling it.  I would’ve loved to try that one!

Price: $13.72 ($14.99/kg)

One thought on “Product Review: Cuisine Solutions Lamb Shank with Rosemary & Mint Sauce

  1. Yum. I’m going to pick one up too. I should give you my recipe for lamb – I chop up pieces and toss it with olive oil, Montreal steak spice, walnuts, and lots of dates. Throw in some garlic too. Take it out every so often and mash all the ingredients together. It’s cooked when it looks like its cooked (crispy on the outside).

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