Lunch To Go at Jackie’s Thai

Jackie’s Thai has been on my wishlist for quite some time, and when LivingSocial had a $10 for $20 voucher a few months back, I jumped at the chance to buy it.  I don’t have any favorite Thai places in Calgary b/c admittedly, I don’t know what good Thai food is.  I also never liked spicy food but I have been immensely craving for it in the past week.  This strange new phenomenon definitely triggered a pregnancy scare but whew… I’m so not ready to have no. 2 yet 🙂

I decided to buy a few things to try just so I could use up my entire voucher:

JT - Pad Thai (R)

Pad Thai (R) – $7.95

I was hoping to get the Chiang Mai noodle soup, but it was not available today so I settled for my go-to dish, the Pad Thai.  Extra bonus points for Jackie to make it fresh (woot!).  While this is a good stir-fried noodle dish, it was not Pad Thai.  The main flavor in this dish is dark, sweet soya sauce, which I don’t think is a typical sauce used for Pad Thai.  The noodles were fried very well – not soggy and had a good bite to it.  There were good amounts of fresh bean sprouts, green onions and minced pork, but sadly – the shrimp was absolutely mushy and unfresh, which is a sign of old shrimp, or they were frozen/thawed multiple times.  The entire dish was also unbelievably greasy – there was a coat of oil at the bottom of the container.  I would order this again under the acceptance that it is not a Pad Thai, and ask for much less oil!

JT - Papaya Salad (S)

Papaya Salad (S) – $5.50

Luckily I got this as well, and it helped cut the grease from the Pad Thai.  A generous portion (from what I can see and taste) of green papaya (cut into strips), carrots, green beans, tomatoes, peanuts, red chili peppers and raw garlic cloves – all tossed with fish sauce and lime juice.  I asked for it to be medium spicy as well and that’s what it was – the spice made my lips tingle but tolerable.  I’m happy that this was also made fresh to order.  I liked the crunchiness of the vegetables (except the tomatoes of course) and the whole salad was just refreshing! I only ate about a third of it and saved the rest for breakfast the next day – it was even better b/c the vegetables soaked up even more flavors from the spice and fish sauce.  Whew! Now it’s spicy!

JT - Oxtail Soup (S)

Oxtail Soup (S) – $7.50

I sampled this while I was waiting for my Pad Thai to be made and thought it was alright.  Since I still had some credits left on my voucher, I got this for dinner.  The soup is packed full of carrots, green radish, potatoes, onions, shitake mushrooms, celery leaves and of course, oxtail.  I really liked this.  The flavors here are so rich and flavorful from the oxtail, and my throat got a tingling sensation (from the spice) with every spoon of soup.  However, it was also very oily – I definitely had to scoop out the oil from the top layer.  But boy, this was a good soup.  This is the reason for me to go back to Jackie’s Thai!

Prices are cheap and portions are very generous.  Service was friendly and pleasant.  I thought the food was decent with the exception of the heavy grease.  I’m looking forward to try their curries next time, and I still want to try their Chiang Mai noodle soup!

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