Lunch at Wa’s Japanese, Treats from Duchess Bake Shop

My friend and his friend made a visit to Calgary from Edmonton a couple weeks ago and since they love sushi, I suggested to go to one of my favorite places, Wa’s.  I’ve obviously been here numerous times and chose here b/c of the reasonably priced lunch sets, plus hubby and I wanted to try our luck at the chirashi deluxe!

Here’s what we ordered today:

Wa's - Assorted Nigiri

Assorted Sushi: Uni, Salmon Roe, Dynamite Roll – altogether $53

This was one expensive platter, but the boys from Edmonton says they can’t find fresh uni there so they thoroughly enjoyed every single bite.  I did not try b/c I was saving stomach space for my most favorite dish here…

Wa's - Chirashi Deluxe (3)

Wa's - Chirashi Deluxe (2)

Wa's - Chirashi Deluxe (1)

Chirashi Deluxe – $30

The one dish I always recommend b/c Wa’s is the only place that has this beauty.  The chefs don’t usually make this unless they have one or two special fishes for the day, and on this day I think it was hirame (flounder) and suzuki (sea bass). You also have the other usual toppings plus a small slab of uni (sea urchin) and salmon roe.  All of this paired up with a squared bowl of rice topped with masago, egg shreds and marinated bamboo shoots.  If you order this, you will not need to order anything else.  It is super filling.

Wa's - Lunch Side Accompaniements

Lunch Set Accompaniments

All lunch sets always come with the above items, as well as pickled yellow radish.  My son loves miso soup and I find the one here at Wa’s taste the best – not as salty, and there’s other ingredients in it besides just kelp and tofu.  The small dish of sampler changes daily.

Wa's - Halibut Fry Lunch

Halibut Fry Lunch – $12

I ordered this for my son.  He happily ate this but wasn’t crazy about the egg tartar sauce.  My brother L loves it and that’s the main reason why he always order this dish for lunch.  I find the tartar sauce has a very strong, distinct taste of eggs, and it’s only wonderful if you love eggs.  With most of the lunch sets, Wa’s let you order a second bowl of rice and miso soup at no additional charge.  YET if you order an entree at dinner, you have to pay extra for the rice and miso soup (something like $3).  This is the reason why it’s a better deal to eat lunch here!

My friend also had the gruesome task of getting macarons for me all the way from Edmonton’s Duchess Bake Shop.

DBS - Macarons (1)


DBS - Macarons (2)

Inside the box

DBS - Macarons (3)

DBS - Macarons (4)

Assorted Macarons

I got my friend to bring these for me b/c I heard so many wonderful things about them, but they fell short of my expectations.  Some pieces were crispy and some were chewy, and some had very distinctive flavors while others did not.  They were also quite crumbly – a gentle tap would shatter the “shell”.  They do not compare to my favorite store in Calgary – Yann Haute – for their macarons.  However, I still want to try their other baked goods, sandwiches and cake – might be able to soon since I’m planning to hit up Edmonton in a couple of weeks!

Wa's Japanese on Urbanspoon Duchess Bake Shop on Urbanspoon

2 thoughts on “Lunch at Wa’s Japanese, Treats from Duchess Bake Shop

  1. Great review but a gift is a gift. I would be hurt if my friend gave me maracons and read on her blog that they ”felt short of her expectations”. Ouch.
    -Your friend.

    • I respect your opinion but disagree with what you’ve said. I love the gift. I appreciate the fact that he drove to the shop and bought me a box of macarons as a favor. It’s not my friend’s fault that the macarons weren’t as good as I thought, and what’s wrong with me reviewing a food item the way it is? This is a food blog. I’ve bought food for my husband and friends before that I thought was great and they didn’t like it – was I offended? No. They didn’t put down my gesture – they just didn’t enjoy the food as much as I did.

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