Lunch at Belvedere

My friend U and I love trying out new places in downtown, and he always leaves me with the task of finding new places to try.  Belvedere is not new to me, but I recently learned that they have a $25 – 3 course lunch so I wanted to try it.  The menu does change weekly but if you give the restaurant a call and inquire about it, they will gladly tell you what the courses are for that week.

Here’s what we tried:

Belvedere - Starter Bread

Starter Bread

The bread is made fresh in house (as with everything else on the menu) and we actually asked for more b/c it was that good.  The bread was very soft and chewy (in a good way) and we could not stop eating it.  I even dipped some of it with the jus from my duck dish! Served with butter.

Belvedere - Baby Greens

Course 1 – Organic Baby Greens with Avocado Vinaigrette & Toasted Almonds

Fresh mix of greens tossed with a light vinaigrette and a sprinkle of salt.  I could taste something sweet and citrusy but mostly salty.  I do like the crunchy texture from the almonds with each bite.

Belvedere - Seared Duck Breast

Course 2 – Pan Seared Brome Lake Duck Breast with Herb Toasted Fingerlings, Hotchkiss Swiss Chard & Red Wine Jus

This was amazing.  The duck breast was cooked to a medium, medium rare and the jus was so flavorful.  I could easily eat another portion (or two) of this! The meat was tender, juicy, and with just enough fat from the skin.  I cannot stop thinking about this.  The swiss chard was cooked perfectly with the right doneness – same for the potatoes, although I would’ve preferred them to be mashed as a pairing in this dish.

Belvedere - Meyer Lemon Sorbet

Course 3 – House Churned Meyer Lemon Sorbet with House Made Coulis & Seasonal Berries

This was our only disappointment b/c the sorbet was SO TART that it was like sucking on a lemon.  My face puckered up from the first spoonful so when our server came by to check on us, we had to tell him.  He checked with the chef and then told us that Meyer lemons are supposed to be tart.  I mean, who am I to argue with a chef at a fine dining establishment… but the last time I checked, Meyer lemons are supposed to be sweet enough to eat on its own! Maybe a mixture of lemons was used and not enough sugar was added? Anyways, we left more than half of it untouched b/c we just couldn’t eat it.  I think it definitely needs a lot more sugar >.<

We were happy with our meals today (with the exception of the dessert) and we felt it was good value, comparing to the regular menu anyway.  Belvedere is definitely considered as fine dining and they have the prices to show it! The food is pretty good – I’ve been here a few times in the past for special occasions and always have a good experience.  Service was immaculate and efficient and our server made sure we were comfortable the whole entire time.  I’d love to come back and try more of the business lunch!

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