Dinner at Cheung’s Kitchen

Cheung’s Kitchen is a restaurant that my family and I frequent a lot.  Besides being family friends with the owners, they serve decent Chinese food at very reasonable prices, and everyone is polite and friendly.  Do not expect fancy dishes, but do expect basic dishes that are done well, and with a homemade feel.

No posted prices this time b/c my dad did all the ordering in the kitchen and I didn’t check the menu.

Here’s what we ordered tonight:

CK - Abalone Slices on Snow Pea Tips

Sliced Abalone on Snow Pea Tips

Note: My dad brought the abalone into the restaurant.  I don’t know if Cheung’s Kitchen actually serves this dish, therefore I am not reviewing on the abalone.  If anything, my dad bought it in Hong Kong anyway!

The snow pea tips were cooked perfectly with a slight bite to them.  The sauce that tops the abalone and the greens was seasoned well.  I’m not sure if an abalone sauce was used, but it didn’t taste like it was oyster-sauce based either.

CK - Deep Fried Silken Tofu in Crab Sauce

Deep Fried Silken Tofu in Crab Sauce

I tend to always order this for some reason.  Well first, who doesn’t like deep fried goodness? And silken tofu? Awesome.  My son loves tofu so he really enjoyed eating it as well.  The sauce is kind of brothy with eggs and crab essence with small amounts of crab meat.

CK - Imperial Chicken

Imperial Chicken (1/2)

The chicken here is actually made quite well but the flavors are not as strong as the one I adore from Snow Palace. The meat is smooth and firm and it’s a huge portion.

CK - Boiled Shrimp with Soy Sauce

Boiled Shrimp with Soy Sauce

This is a complimentary dish if you spend over $50 for dinner.  You get something else for spending over $80 and four quails if over $100.  I did not try this since I was busy feeding my son and didn’t want to get my hands dirty from peeling the shells.  I imagine they are pretty standard, but it’s nice to have free food, right? 🙂

CK - Steamed Fish

Steamed Fish

I believe this was steamed carp.  This is another well done dish – the meat was cooked perfectly and it was buttery smooth.  It was very simply steamed and soy sauce, green onions and oil was added afterwards.

CK - Beef Brisket in Clay Pot

Beef Brisket in Clay Pot

Hubby loves his beef and this is another dish that gets ordered very often.  I prefer a mixture of brisket and tendon – along with chunks of daikon but the version here is all brisket and some Chinese cabbage at the bottom of the pot.  The brisket is well flavored and cooked well – although I would prefer it to cook a little longer as the meat kept getting stuck in between my teeth.

CK - Chinese Steamed Meat Loaf

Chinese Steamed Meat Loaf

I generally don’t like this dish (not just at this restaurant) b/c I don’t find anything interesting with it.  But then again, I don’t care for meatloaf in general.  I think my family orders it b/c it’s good to eat with rice.  I find this a bit dense and I wish there was something else mixed in it (perhaps shitake mushrooms?).  Something to make it less dense.  The sauce is usually made with soy sauce and a mixture of other ingredients.

We never leave disappointed when we eat here.  As I mentioned, the food is good for what it is, but don’t expect fancy or something extraordinary.  Do expect a great meal made by people who care!

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