Lunch at Sushi Club KZ

I have been wanting to check out Sushi Club for the longest time.  Due to 1) laziness b) work schedule c) not liking to drag my son around while he’s in his terrible two’s and d) location of the restaurant, I never made it down here.  Ever.  Except a few months ago, K and I made a deliberate trip down here one Tuesday and what do you know… they close on Tuesdays.  Grrrr.  Note to self: always do check schedules when available! Fast forward to about a month ago, I was resting at home recovering from laser eye surgery when C sends me a picture of her bento box lunch.  I decided enough was enough, and when I had the chance a couple of Thursdays ago, I finally made a visit for lunch.  I also invited C and my brother W from the boonies while he was in town.

Here’s what we tried today:

SC - Miso Soup

Miso Soup
included with bento box

Mild and sweet tasting with a good amount of kelp, with an absence of tofu cubes.

SC - Sushi and Sashimi Bento

SC - Maki SC - Sashimi

SC - Nigiri SC - Salad

Sushi and Sashimi Bento – $12.9
3 pcs Nigiri Sushi, 2 pcs Medium Size Roll, 2 pcs Kensington  Roll, 6 pcs Sashimi, Soup, Salad

I can see why C orders this every time she comes here.  You get a great variety of food of excellent quality.  I know Urbanspoon reviews constantly rave about the freshness of the sashimi here, but I was still pleasantly surprised that they are indeed ultra fresh.  The salmon has a natural sweetness to it that was very pleasant, and the tuna was so soft and creamy and not the least bit mushy.  The tako was also sweet and crunchy, not chewy like you would find at some places, and was properly defrosted so you don’t get a burst of water as you bite into it.  I love how each piece of fish was skillfully sliced – the sushi chef knows what he’s doing.  We all watched in awe as he was slicing a daikon into a continuous long sheet.

SC - Daily Special Bento

 SC - Sashimi B SC - Tempura

SC - Nigiri and Maki SC - Salad

Feature Bento – $10.9
2 pcs Nigiri Sushi, 1 pc Kensington Roll, 1 pc Prawn Tempura, 1 pc Salmon Teriyaki, 3 pcs Sashimi, Soup, Salad

This was my brother’s order.  It was a special for the day that is not on the regular menu, and his has the same food as mine more or less with the exception of the shrimp tempura and salmon teriyaki.  He devoured this in no time and said everything was really good.

SC - Kensington Roll

Kensington Roll – $14.1
Special Scallop, Capelin Roe, Romaine Lettuce, Flying Fish Roe, Avocado, Tuna, Salmon, Prawn, Sesame Seed

I honestly can’t remember why I ordered another Kensington Roll when a couple of pieces already came with the Bento… I think I was just looking for some filler.  I found the roll packed with too much rice and too little ingredients – as a result all I could taste was rice vs. the fish, although they were still very fresh.  I also found the roll a bit dry.

SC - Creamy Scallop

Chopped Scallop Nigiri – $2.4/pc

I wonder why some restaurants call it special scallop or creamy scallop, and then there’s chopped scallop.  Whatever the name is, it’s essentially the same thing but the one here is one of the BEST I’ve had to date.  The scallops were sweet and juicy, and there was just enough mayo in it.  I just love how sweet and fresh tasting the scallop is – you can tell it’s of good quality.  I will order this again and again – I’m always on the lookout for the best scallop (chopped or not) sushi/sashimi and the one here is definitely on my list!

Service was pleasant, and prices are actually decent for lunch.  I hear it’s more expensive at dinner but I am curious to see what their offerings are.  I think their ultra fresh nigiri and sashimi is the strong selling points here, while the rolls could be better (although I only tried two varieties).  I would not hesitate to come back, and as C said – they are definitely on par with our other favorite Japanese Restaurant – Wa’s!

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