Dinner at AÑEJO Restaurant

C invited me to a little yelp/twitter get together last Wednesday and the venue was at Anejo. I only recently joined Twitter so the whole thing is still kinda foreign to me but nothing wrong with meeting new people who enjoys food and having a great time, right? There I met Wanda, Terry and Nicole whom are all very involved in social media.

Here’s what was ordered tonight:

Anejo - Anejo Platter

Anejo Platter – $34

This was on a feature menu.  The platter consists of empanadas, shrimp & scallop ceviche and chubacapra rolls, served with habanera & chimichurri sauce, and pickled vegetable of some sort.  I didn’t try anything from here but it was enjoyed by the gang.

Anejo - Guacamole

Anejo - Guacamole B

Guacamole – $14

Terry ordered this as he spoke very highly of it and he was extremely gracious to share some with me! I think it’s a neat concept that it is freshly made at table side.  It was very fresh and tasty – kind of reminded me of Mexico… but the price is definitely steep.  Mind you I am not in Mexico so $4 of a gigantic plate of guacamole won’t be found here but still… I would say you are definitely paying a premium price for food at this venue.

Anejo - Tortilla Chips

Tortilla Chips

This was served with the guacamole.  I’m not sure if these were made in house but I liked them – crispy and not over-salted.  I was actually kind of surprised that complimentary tortilla chips and salsa was not served.

Anejo - Tuna Tartare

Tuna Tartare – $17

This was my appy.  I still haven’t got over the fresh ahi tuna in Hawaii so I order tuna tartare every chance I get.  The tuna was very fresh, and the tartare was very refreshing from the lime marinade.  I also like how the slice of watermelon beneath soaked up all all the flavors.

Anejo - Tacos

Tacos – 1 for $5/ 3 for $14 and 6 for $24

I keep hearing how good the tacos here are, but I generally don’t care for them so I didn’t order any, but everyone else did.  I have to say the cod one (in the background) did look REALLY good.  Pictured here are the abodo pork and vegetarian (I think).

Anejo - Mahi Mahi + Salad

Mahi Mahi Sandwich + Side Salad – $19

Trying to eat a bit healthier and lighter, I chose this as my main.  The fish in my sandwich was cooked perfectly and it was still buttery smooth.  Hmmmm.  There was a spicy aioli (didn’t know) in there that gave it a great kick but it was tolerable.  The only thing I didn’t like was the sandwich got soggy really fast so it was pretty messy trying to eat it and hold everything together at the same time.  About half way through I gave up and just threw everything into the salad (except the bun) and ate it that way.  The salad was pretty standard with a mild dressing.

Service was great – our server actually asked me for feedback on the mahi mahi sandwich as it is a new item on their menu.  The food was good, but I wasn’t wow’ed or anything so the hunt to find good, authentic Mexican food in this city is still on! Price is definitely on the high side and I wouldn’t say the food here is traditionally Mexican – more like Mexican with a twist.  I wouldn’t mind coming back and try out their tacos if I’m ever in the mood for them.

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