Dinner at Tudor Rose

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My brother L has been raving about a really delicious burger at Tudor Rose.  I’m not a burger person, but don’t mind having one once in a while.  However, since it is a pub I am unable to freely come … Continue reading

Dinner at Model Milk

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A couple weeks ago, there was the Burger Week event that took place at 16 participating restaurants.  I was hoping to try the burger at Ship & Anchor but going there at 8pm on Friday probably wasn’t the best idea.  … Continue reading

Lunch at Sushi Bar Zipang

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Yes, another review on sushi.  I’ve know been eating some crazy amounts of sushi recently but believe me, it was unplanned! So last Monday I had plans to go to Divino but my dining companion cancelled last minute.  Then while … Continue reading

Sweet Gesture

My coworker recently traveled to France.  Although she didn’t take pictures of any of the food she ate (so disappointing for me!), she got me this:

I can’t believe how sweet and thoughtful she is! 🙂 She said that when she saw it she thought of me right away and just had to get it. Awwwwww. It’s so nice when others are passionate about what you do and support it!

Quick Lunch at MomoYama Sushi

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K and I like to go on foodie runs, aka hit up 2-3 places in one trip just so we can make the most out of our time and gas.  We decided to go to Ohh La La Patisserie this … Continue reading

Dinner at Safari Grill

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Sticking to my resolution to try out more different ethnic cuisines, my friends R and J picked this restaurant for us to dine at last Sunday.  They recently ate here and raved very highly about it so I was very … Continue reading