Quick Lunch at MomoYama Sushi

K and I like to go on foodie runs, aka hit up 2-3 places in one trip just so we can make the most out of our time and gas.  We decided to go to Ohh La La Patisserie this past Saturday but wanted to hit up a couple more places that are nearby.  Momo Yama Sushi was on our wishlists and was a short drive away, so we made it in time for lunch. Glamorgan Bakery was also in the same complex, so we of course got some of their sinfully delicious cheese buns.

K wasn’t very hungry and only got a few pieces of nigiri so I’m only reviewing on my order.

Here’s what I ordered today:

MY - Deluxe Sushi

Deluxe Assorted Sushi – $18.50
Added: 1 pc of Hamachi and 1 pc of Special Scallop @ $2.95/ea

From L to R we have: Some different cut of tuna, Red Tuna, White Tuna, Salmon, Cooked Shrimp, Red Snapper, Octopus, Tamago, Eel, Hamachi and Special Scallop

Each piece of nigiri was well made.  You get a generous slice of sashimi topping a small ball of rice.  What K and I liked most was the subtle taste of vinegar in the rice – something that seems to be rare in sushi restaurants in Calgary.  The fish was fairly fresh and mostly cut well – with the exception of the first piece on the left.  At first I thought it was toro but it wasn’t creamy – it was quite stringy.  Yet the actual piece of tuna (maguro) was quite soft and creamy.

MY - Nigiri

Close up of the Nigiri

MY - California Rolls

Close up of the California Roll

I got the combo mainly b/c I wanted to give the California Roll to my son, and what better way is there to try an assortment of nigiri, right? I was surprised and happy that they topped it with tobiko as opposed to sesame seeds or masago.  These were deliciously well made.  The crab mixture was sweet and creamy and not laden with mayo.  The portion was definitely very generous and my son enjoyed it a lot.

Service was polite and efficient.  Prices are fair – my only complaint is location but Stoney Trail is in my backyard :p I can’t wait to go back and try more of their menu!

Momo-Yama Sushi Japanese Cuisine on Urbanspoon

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