Lunch at Big Catch

It’s probably no secret now that Big Catch does custom orders.  I found out about this months ago when hubby asked the chefs if they have salmon belly, and they told him yes, and they can also make it in nigiri.  Nigiri is not on the menu, so we never knew about it until that day.  Since then I’ve told my friends all about it and yesterday, I asked for this beauty:

BC - Chirashi

Chirashi, custom order – $17.50

A delectable selection of sashimi over perfectly seasoned sushi rice.  Here we have two slices of toro, four slices of atlantic salmon, two slices of wild salmon, three slices of mackerel, three slices of tuna and one slice of smoked salmon.  Everything was perfect.  I love how there was only a small amount of rice – just enough for all the fresh fish atop and I can taste a small amount of vinegar in the rice, which is welcoming.  As mentioned before I find that many sushi restaurants in Calgary do not season their rice, so when I find a place that do I am very happy.  My only wish is for Big Catch to have more varieties of sashimi one day! I think next time I order this I will also ask for a sprinkle of tobiko or masago over the rice.

BC - Toro Aburi Nigiri

Aburi Toro Nigiri – $1.70/pc

I love aburi sushi.  I don’t understand why some places charge extra to have it torched.  I’m so happy this does not apply to Big Catch so I like to order my nigiri torched here.  The toro was melt in your mouth creamy – the torching made it even more delicious if that’s possible!

I was torn typing this post.  On one hand I want to keep this wonderful news a secret but on the other hand, I want to give the credit that these guys deserve.  I am pretty happy to see them as the busiest food stand at Kingsland.  Keep up the good work!

Other custom things I’ve tried that are not on the regular menu:

Aburi Salmon Nigiri

Aburi Toro Nigiri

Salmon on Crispy Rice

The above three were actually surprises.  I asked the chef for the salmon belly nigiri and he asked if he can make me something special instead.  Yes please! And I was pleasantly surprised and really happy with what I got.

Salmon Belly and Wild Salmon Nigiri

Hubby’s initial order… which is what started the whole customization.

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