Lunch at Sushi Bar Zipang

Yes, another review on sushi.  I’ve know been eating some crazy amounts of sushi recently but believe me, it was unplanned! So last Monday I had plans to go to Divino but my dining companion cancelled last minute.  Then while I was texting with K she told me that she was planning to have lunch at Zipang that day… so I battered my eyelashes and very sweetly asked if she would be willing to pick me up from work so we can have lunch together, and she did! Since Zipang is in Bridgeland, it’s not too far away from downtown.  I was surprised that here’s ample of free parking along the streets (meters with free two hour parking signs).

Here’s what we ordered today:

Zipang - Maguro Yukke

Maguro Yukke – $5.50

I don’t know about you, but chopped raw meat topped with raw egg excites me.  Well, I like tartares and the likes so when I read the description for this – chopped red tuna topped with quail egg and chopped green onion, I knew I had to get it.  It’s not marinated, so you have to pour soy sauce and flavor accordingly with wasabi which was very much needed.  I always find that red tuna has a milder taste than white tuna so it’s not very flavorful on its own.  The tuna was very fresh – K and I both agree that it would taste awesome on a bowl of rice.

Zipang - Sweet Potato Tempura

Sweet Potato Tempura (6 pcs) – $6.00

Very lightly battered and fried – these were crispy while the sweet potatoes themselves still retain a good crunch.  The tempura sauce could use more seasoning.

Zipang - Miso Soup

Zipang - Salad

Zipang - Sushi and Sashimi Lunch

Sushi and Sashimi Lunch – $16.50

With their lunch combos, it comes with miso soup and a choice of salad or rice.  I wanted some greens, so I went with the salad which basked in a light, gingery vinaigrette.  It was very refreshing.  The sashimi and nigiri themselves were very fresh and cut very well, although I found the sashimi a bit too thick.  My favorite on the plate though was the salmon roll – delicately made with properly seasoned rice and a small amount of salmon, and it was the perfect bite size.  It was so good I didn’t have to eat it with soy sauce.

Zipang - Sashimi Lunch

Sashimi Lunch – $18.50

This was K’s order.  We pretty much got the same varieties of fish with the exception of the scallop and the tako.  She commented on how sweet and crunchy the tako was.

Zipang - Creamy Scallop Nigiri

Creamy Scallop Nigiri – $3.50/pc

K said this was one of the best creamy scallop nigiri she has ever tried, so I had to try it for myself.  This must be the most expensive I’ve ever paid for a piece of creamy scallop nigiri.  The scallop was very sweet tasting, but I found that there was a bit too much mayo in it for my liking, although it was very creamy.

Zipang - Negi Hamachi Maki

Negihama Maki – $6.00

I was sort of full at this point but still wanted more fresh fish, so I ordered this roll.  I didn’t expect it to be an outside roll but was pleasantly surprised to see the amount of hamachi tucked inside.  Once again, every piece was just tasty and fresh.

I’m happy to finally try this restaurant out once and for all, and can’t wait to return to try their “Ryoushi no Donburi”, or simply, chirashi.  The staff seems to be all Japanese so authencity is not a question.  Service was efficient and polite but prices are a bit high – so quality does come with a price tag!

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