Dinner at Model Milk

A couple weeks ago, there was the Burger Week event that took place at 16 participating restaurants.  I was hoping to try the burger at Ship & Anchor but going there at 8pm on Friday probably wasn’t the best idea.  Not interested in waiting in line to eat, hubby and I walked past Model Milk and decided to eat here, where we also celebrated Mother’s Day for me.  Model Milk has been on my wishlist for some time but as I hate to look for parking on 17th Ave, I was never motivated to come.  The restaurant was very busy for a Friday night but since we sat on the patio we got a seat right away.

Here’s what we ordered tonight:

MM - Fricassee of Calamari

Calamari Fricassee – $14

Hubby confided afterwards that he didn’t know what Fricassee was – he just read calamari and thought it was the deep fried ones, so he got it.  I thought this style of cooking was better than the fried counterpart.  This dish had great flavors from the pimenton (paprika) and the calamari was very tender.  I personally would’ve preferred them to be in bigger chunks as opposed to the little macaroni shapes here.

MM - Deep Fried Chicken Hearts

Fried Chicken Hearts – $9

I have always liked the crunchy “bite” that chicken hearts have, but these fell short of expectations.  They were nicely fried but I think the hearts were a bit overcooked – they were quite soft.  I also found the hearts to be a tad over seasoned as it was quite salty.  There was also way too much aioli in the bottom of the bowl – I would’ve preferred it to be served separately.  The aioli tasted like mustard with a kick to it.

MM - Brandt Lake Wagyu Ribeye Steak

Brandt Lake Wagyu Ribeye – $45

As hubby loves his steak, this was a natural choice for him.  I’ve already stated my stance on domestic wagyu and I didn’t think this was anything close to the actual wagyu (yes, I’ve had real wagyu before), but I digress.  Don’t get me wrong, this was a good piece of steak.  But it wasn’t melt in your mouth, buttery smooth.  It was, however, tender due to the high amount of fat that ribeye has.  The sauce was flavored well and accompanied the steak and potatoes very well.  The fried twirly things are pig’s ear.  This was also a very huge portion (server said 16 oz) so hubby had trouble finishing it – he packed half of it to go.

MM - Driview Farms Lamb

Driview Farms Lamb – $32

For some reason I was really full after those fried chicken hearts so I wasn’t able to enjoy this dish as much as I should, and had to pack half of it to go.  The lamb was tender and the creamy or yogurty sauce (can’t remember what it was) with the pea mixture was a really good accompaniment.  I think I shouldn’t have ordered a meaty appetizer and main – all that meat was just too heavy.

Service wasn’t the greatest – I didn’t feel our server cared much about us so it damped the entire dining experience a bit.  Food wise it was decent, but I think we ordered the wrong things so it wasn’t a balanced meal, and we couldn’t truly enjoy everything b/c it was all just so heavy.  I would also prefer to be served smaller portions and thus charged less.  The prices aren’t bad – on par with 17th Ave I guess.  Also, sitting outside wasn’t a good idea after all – a strong breeze hit us about half way and our food cooled down really fast but that’s no one’s fault.  Because it was getting so cold we just didn’t want to stay any longer than we had to – so I couldn’t even wait for dessert.  I would love to come back and try their Sunday Supper though!

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