Dinner at Tudor Rose

My brother L has been raving about a really delicious burger at Tudor Rose.  I’m not a burger person, but don’t mind having one once in a while.  However, since it is a pub I am unable to freely come here unless someone can watch my son.  Hubby and I finally decided to check this place out, along with my brother and his girlfriend who has been here multiple times.

Here’s what we ordered tonight:

TR - Cattle Potato Chips

Cattle Potato Chips – $7.95

These housemade chips are fried very well and served with Ranch dip.  There was just a sprinkle of salt that atop them.  I don’t think I can go back to eating bagged potato chips after this!

TR - Sweet Chili Thai Wings

Sweet Chili Thai Wings – $10.95

These were only ok – fairly puny in size.  Like every other place, they were just simply deep fried and tossed with whatever sauce the diner chooses.  The sauce just taste like the bottled sweet chili sauce that you can buy at a grocery store.  I’d like to come back on Wednesdays where their wings are only 35 cents with the purchase of a beverage!

TR - Quesadilla

Chicken Quesadillas – $9.95

This was my brother’s girlfriend’s order.  I didn’t try this but she quite enjoyed them.  I was quite surprised at the huge portion.

TR - Surf n Turf

Surf ‘n Turf (Monday Special) – $12.95

We thought $12.95 is a really great deal for a surf ‘n turf meal, so hubby decided to try it out.  6 oz steak, 6 deep fried shrimps and choice of side! Hard to believe you get all this food for a mere $2 more than those chicken wings! I didn’t try anything off his plate, but he said everything was decent.  The soup that day was a lemon infused one.

TR - Double British Burger w Salad

British Burger with Salad – $13.95
add extra patty – $5.25

My brother decided to double up his burger with an extra patty.  The British Burger comes with grilled onions, cheddar cheese, bacon, tomato, lettuce and a pickle, plus a choice of side.  Besides raving about the burger here, he also raves about the honey mustard dressing that apparently I MUST try.

TR - British Burger w Salad

British Burger with Salad – $13.95

I really wanted the yam fries, but I also need some greens too.  So my brother didn’t lie – this was a really good burger.  Big, meaty, moist and juicy – with barely any grease.  The patty was flavored well too – some places seem to oversalt them to death but not here! I was beyond stuffed after eating this so I don’t know how my brother managed the extra patty.  The salad was a very generous portion and I almost gave up eating it! The honey mustard dressing was pretty tasty but I’m sure it’s just the bottled stuff.  I would so order this again.

TR - Sticky Toffee Pudding

Sticky Toffee Pudding – $7.95

I was pretty stuffed after all that food, but my brother and his girlfriend both said that we can’t leave without trying this dessert here, so we all just got spoons and shared the one order.  It was a pretty tasty sticky toffee pudding but the toffee sauce was WAY too sweet.  I couldn’t do more than a couple of spoonfuls.

Service was decent and prices are what you would expect at a pub.  I like how they have daily specials that feature different menu items (and drinks on some days).  Since this place is within walking distance of my home, I would love to come here more often when I can get someone else to look after my son!

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