Lunch at Divino

S and I finally made our lunch date happened, and we stuck to our original choice from weeks ago.  We needed a restaurant that was fairly close to our work building and Divino was such that.  I came here many years ago when hubs and I just started dating and thought the food was good, although I can’t tell you what I had ^^ Since they are still here many years later it must mean they are doing something right to survive the constant turnover of restaurants.

Here’s what we ordered today:

Divino - Starter Bread

Starter Bread

While we were sitting there catching up, I was wondering if the restaurant provided starter bread.  I was glancing around and then caught the eye from our server, who then came by and asked if we wanted bread.  S didn’t care for it, but since I was quite famished I wanted it.  These looked like they were baked in house and was served at room temperature.  The bread was nice and soft and the butter was soft enough for spreading.

Divino - Bison Tartare

Buffalo Tartare – $16
CRMR Ranch-Raised Buffalo Tenderloin, Saltspring Island Chèvre, Black Pepper Vinaigrette

Apparently S stuffed herself with baked foods all morning so she wasn’t even hungry for lunch, but I was.  I have a huge thing for tartare so I had to try the one here.  The tartare had great flavors and the buffalo meat was nice and tender.  I noticed this didn’t come with a raw egg on top like your usual tartares.  I can’t say if it was needed, but that’s one of the best parts! The greens were lightly tossed in a mildly sweet vinaigrette which was very welcoming and went well with the Chevre cheese.  I just wish there were a few more chips as I finished them long before the tartare.

Divino - Lamb Confit Melt (2)

Divino - Lamb Confit Melt (1)

Lamb Confit Melt – $17
Fig Jam, Braised Leeks, Cambozola Cheese

Both S and I ordered this.  We both pre-picked this while we were browsing at their online lunch menu weeks ago and was quite happy with our choice.  The lamb was so tender and juicy – I loved the fig jam as it provided a bit of sweetness but found the Cambozola Cheese much too strong.  Or maybe there was just too much of it.  However, the sandwich was nicely toasted and we liked that a lot.  We didn’t know if the sandwich came with a side and was quite happy with the salad that it came with.  It was basked in a light vinaigrette and was very easy to eat.  Hmmmmm.

Since I enjoyed the food, why didn’t I cast a vote on Urbanspoon? The server. His interaction was very limited with us.  When we first sat down, there wasn’t even a hi, welcome or anything.  His first words to us were, do you want something to drink even though I cheerfully said hi to him.  From then on I knew I wouldn’t enjoy his service.  Also, I didn’t appreciate the funny looks he kept throwing at me.  Whether it was intentional or that’s just the way he likes to look at people, I didn’t like it one bit and it definitely affected my dining experience.  He looked at me as if I was a nuisance and I couldn’t figure out why – it’s not like I dined there recently and caused trouble.  Getting his attention was actually quite difficult unless he saw me looking at him, which he avoided doing for the most part.  Oh well.  With the many other dining choices in downtown, I don’t need to come back and be a bothersome to him.

Divino Wine & Cheese Bistro on Urbanspoon

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