Lunch at Palomino Smokehouse

S and I were on our monthly lunch date and like usual, she lets me pick the venue every time.  I wanted to try some place new that was also inexpensive.  I overheard my coworkers talking about Palomino the other day so one quick check on their menu… hmmm, worth trying! Another bonus is that it’s right across the street from where I work.  Sweet! The inside of the restaurant reminds me of a saloon, and it is very spacious.  We arrived at 11:35am and got a table easily even though I didn’t make reservations.  The restaurant was quite busy for lunch on a Friday but it wasn’t completely filled.

Here’s what we tried today:

Palomino - Jack Daniel's Wings

Jack Daniel’s BBQ Wings – $10.48
with choice of sauce

These were some of the best wings I’ve ever tasted.  They were huge, meaty & juicy – lightly deep fried in a barely there batter and gently tossed in Jack Daniel’s BBQ sauce.  I’m not sure how Jack Daniel’s BBQ sauce is different from the regular BBQ sauce, but it didn’t taste much different to me.  However, we were impressed how the wings didn’t become soggy with the sauce – not even an hour later as we were finishing up our mains.

Palomino - Two Meat Platter

Two Meat Platter – $23.00
choose any two meats with choice of two fixings

We shared this and got the beef brisket & smoked chicken, and grilled seasonal vegetables & roasted Yukon gold & sweet potato mash as our fixings (aka sides).  Since S doesn’t eat dark meat, I had all the beef brisket to myself and there were four long nice thick slices.  They were flavorful with great smokey flavors and quite tender – I bet it would taste lovely on a sandwich (which is on the menu!).  S had the chicken (1/4) and she really liked it – the meat was smooth, juicy and flavorful.  The grilled vegetables were cooked to the right doneness.  The mash was quite interesting – more sweet than savory and definitely tasted more than just potatoes.

Palomino - Dessert

Ice Cream Sandwich – $6.67

We weren’t planning to get dessert but we weren’t against it either, so when our server gave us a description of their item that day, we decided to split one just to end things on a happy note.  This was an ice cream sandwich with oatmeal cookies paired with Jack Daniel’s apples.  I like how it wasn’t heavy but it was just good enough to satisfy your sweet tooth or crave for dessert.

Service was good and efficient, and food came out at a relatively good pace given how busy they were.  I can see myself coming here more often now that I’ve discovered how good they are!

Palomino Smokehouse on Urbanspoon

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