Day 2 – Eating in Vancouver & Vicinity

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Day 1

Day 2

Breakfast at Catch 122 Bistro

Changing from the usual dim sum, I decided to try breakfast at a bistro.  Driving from Richmond to Vancouver downtown isn’t that fun, especially in rush hour, and when your retarded GPS doesn’t give you enough warning to turn until it’s too late… nevertheless we were lucky enough to snatch a parking meter right in front of the restaurant.  The restaurant was pretty much empty when we arrived but a couple of tables trickled in after.  There were quite a few to-go orders though!

The Herbivore – Omelette du Jour – $12
Omelette of the day, Gruyère cheese croissant, Yukon nugget potato hash

My mom decided to try their omelet.  She really enjoyed it although I couldn’t remember what was inside it.  I think the croissant might’ve been a bit too cheesy for her as she had trouble finishing it.  I find Gruyere to be a very strong cheese and personally I can only tolerate it in very small amounts.

Natalie’s Little Big Breakfast – $7.5
Over easy egg, house-made pork sausage, 
Yukon nugget potato hash, toast

This was for my toddler.  It’s great that they cooked the egg yolk for the young ones! The house made pork sausage was very lean and meaty but it was a bit tough for my little guy so he wouldn’t eat it.  He really liked the egg and the potato hash though! He also ate most of the toast – I tried some of it (looks like it’s multigrain/flax of some kind?) and really liked it.  I wonder if it’s baked in house?

The Catch 122 – $12
Poached eggs on croissant, house-cured wild salmon gravlax, smoked salmon, gorgonzola, arugula, Yukon nugget potato hash

Gravlax wasn’t available that day, so it was substituted with smoked salmon.  I was a bit disappointed with this fact b/c I don’t have a thing for smoked salmon, but gravlax I really like! However, I did enjoyed this.  Although all the ingredients were quite simple on their own, the gorgonzola cream cheese spread really brought everything together.  I also really appreciate the fact that they use free-run eggs! The potato hash was very tasty – flavored well, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.

Beautifully poached egg.

I was planning to try their lemon tart for dessert but I got pretty full after all that food.  I did get a couple of macarons to go but I forgot to take a picture of them… and then they got crushed… and then my toddler ate them both.  Oops.

Service was great, food was tasty and prices are reasonable.  At first I wasn’t sure about the service b/c our server didn’t smile or appeared friendly, but he was actually very attentive and made small talk here and there.  I had trouble with putting coins in my meter and he suggested to try different coins.  He actually ran out of the restaurant while I was tackling the meter and gave me coins from the restaurant – how nice! Turns out the meter was broken anyway but I appreciated the fact that he went out of his way to help me.  I would love to try their lunch or dinner menu next time.

Catch 122 Cafe Bistro on Urbanspoon

Lunch at Phnom Penh

I know, I’m about the 9,825th person to review this place.  We were meeting my friend S and her baby and apparently she has never heard of this restaurant but was interested in trying it.  We arrived at about 1pm with a 15 minute wait.  I was given the tedious task of ordering but why spoil a good thing – just order the popular dishes that everyone else has recommended!

Phnom Penh Dry Tossed Noodles – $7.50

This was my mom’s favorite.  Tossed noodles – thin hor fun (the one used in pho) and thick wonton noodles topped with a variety of meats, then drizzled with something of a sweet garlic soy sauce.  I thought it was decent but would’ve liked the sauce to be more.  Soy sauce just seems a bit too simple.

Pork Bone Soup

This was served with the tossed noodle dish.  Very standard tasting and I definitely taste some msg in it.

Combination Platter A – $12.50
Spring Rolls, Beef Brochette and Shrimp Mousse on Sugar Cane – served with vermicelli

I ordered this just for the sake of variety and I didn’t realize it was a full meal on its own! The beef brochette was tender, albeit a bit on the dry side.  The shrimp mousse was a bit too dense for my liking.  The spring rolls were packed with meat and were quite crispy.  I would say that this platter is passable.

Filet Beef Luc Lac with Egg on Rice – $9.95

This dish was soooooooooooooooooooooo good.  The beef was incredibly tender and the sauce was simply divine.  I have got to learn to make this! The combination of oyster sauce, fish sauce, sugar, soy sauce and whatever else they put in there is a delicious combination.  I love the fact that there was more beef than rice, lol, but you need to eat this with rice.  Half way through we broke the egg yolk over the beef and hmmmmmm… it just made it even more delicious if that was possible! I’m so glad I finally got to try this.

Deep Fried Wings – $12.50

I think these wings really speak for themselves when you hear people talking about it while waiting in line, and you see a plate on every single table. I kid you not.  These certainly lived up to the hype – they were sinfully tasty.  Covered in a mixture of salt, pepper, possibly sugar, msg, seasoning… served with a peppered lemon sauce for dipping.  The wings were very meaty, succulent and fried very well.  We could not stop eating it.  And you get a big plate of 20+ wings for that steal of a deal price? I can certainly eat the entire plate myself (if I didn’t order anything else!).

Service was decent, and pricing was definitely great.  If there is one restaurant that I am absolutely jealous of you Vancouverites, this would be the one! I will definitely eat here every time I come back to Vancouver.

Phnom Penh 金邊小館 on Urbanspoon

Dinner at Sun Sui Wah

I’ve been to Sun Sui Wah in Riley Park years back.  I remembered the food to be tasty and service was decent.  Seeing how my mom requested for a Chinese dinner, we decided to visit the one in Richmond since it’s close to our hotel.

Special Combination Platter – $28

Here we have a combination of marinated beef shank, imitation crab sticks wrapped in seaweed and deep fried, marinated bean curd sheets, deep fried chicken knuckles and jellyfish.  My favorite was the deep fried chicken knuckles – I’ve actually never had it before.  My mom’s favorite was the beef shank – it was marinated very well with a pleasant sweetness and the beef was quite tender.  The marinated bean curd sheets, which I think acts as vegetarian goose or chicken was decent but I wish there was something else inside.  The fried crab stick roll thing was standard – it could’ve been paired with a dipping sauce or something.  The one item that wasn’t executed well was the jellyfish – it was way too soft and had no texture.

Egg White and Crab on Broccoli $18

This was my favorite dish.  The broccoli was very simply steamed and not overcooked, but the egg white and crab scramble was really tasty.  I really loved the taste of the [possibly] chicken stock in the sauce – it tasted very concentrated and of high quality.  There was an abundance of crab meat and the egg white was slippery smooth.  I didn’t think the topped egg yolk was needed at all but it was a nice touch.

Stir Fried E-Fu Noodles with Mushrooms $12.50

We ordered noodles as opposed to rice as my toddler loves slurping them up and it is the easiest to feed him with.  The noodles were soft and had a slight bite to them.  The sauce used was probably oyster sauce.


Wow, it’s not Red Bean Soup! I absolutely detest red bean soup b/c that’s almost what everywhere else serves, and most of the time it’s not done properly.  This sweet soup had a variety of green beans, peanuts, rice… I’m not entirely sure what it was but it was tasty.

Food was decent, but service was not.  The restaurant was understandably busy but food took a really long time to come out.  The “captain” DID see that we have been waiting for a while, but all he did was walked by, looked at our table, didn’t say a thing to us, didn’t check our dishes for us, and walked off to do his own thing.  Good thing we weren’t hungry! Compared to the service I received at the one in Riley Park, this was quite a letdown.  With the many other choices around Richmond for Chinese food, I am not in a rush to return here.

Sun Sui Wah 新瑞華海鮮酒家 on Urbanspoon

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    • I don’t find the prices high for what the portions are, but I can’t even compare b/c we can’t even find the same items here in Calgary. This restaurant is super popular though so maybe the less popular ones could be cheaper?

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