Lunch at Indonesian Kitchen

Indonesian Kitchen has been on my wishlist for quite some time.  I wasn’t entirely sure what I wanted to try there, but something different than the every day usual.  Hubby and my brother L were both also interested, and my mom and grandma also decided to tag along on this day.  We arrived to an empty restaurant for a late lunch on Sunday.  It is a small area with some shelves for ethnic grocery items that you may not find at your local grocery stores.  I ended up buying some satay seasonings, laksa soup flavoring, spicy snacks and rendeng sauce for beef! Hmmm can’t wait to try making those.  Soon 🙂

So here’s what we tried today:

IK - Lumpia Goreng

Lumpia Goreng – $4
Beef Egg Roll

These are similar to spring rolls, but there is some Chinese influence to this dish.  The rolls are filled only with meat and no vegetables – served with sweet chili Thai dipping sauce.  I did not try this, but those who did say they were tasty.

IK - Lemper Ayam

IK - Lemper Ayam B

Lemper Ayam – $3
Steamed traditional sticky rice with chicken wrapped in banana leaf

This is like a zong zi (粽子) except it was very fragrant from the banana leaf.  There’s a small amount of chicken inside this rice log and the whole thing really didn’t taste like much, but the banana leaf gave it a hint of sweetness and that very nice aroma.

IK - Sayap Ayam Bakar

Sayap Ayam Bakar (6 pcs) – $7
Chicken wings BBQed with Ginger sauce

Grilled chicken wings in a very sweet and tangy ginger sauce.  The sauce was tasty – sweet, sticky, with a hint of chili spice but I wish the wings were meatier.

IK - Mie Goreng Sepcial

Mie Goreng Special – $11
Chicken and Shrimp fried noodles served with Krupuk and egg on top

This was for my toddler b/c guess why, he likes noodles! For some reason I was expecting thick noodles so I was surprised at the use of these thin ones.  The sauce for the noodles taste like honey garlic.  There was a decent amount of chicken and I counted maybe three shrimps.  I thought the Krupuk (shrimp crackers) were tasty.  This is a good noodle dish for the less adventurous.

IK - Rendang

Rendang (“Epic” Indonesian dish) – $13
Tender beef cubes cooked in a Rich Coconut Gravy

Both hubby and my mom ordered this dish.  It’s hard for me to not compare the one I’ve had at Tropical Delight and Kaffir Lime but one thing’s for sure – all three places serve a very similar and taste-consistent rendang dish! The beef is cooked until it is soft enough to break apart with a gentle touch with your fork.  I was expecting a bit more sauce in this dish, but I guess it has pretty much absorbed into the meat during the cooking process.  The coconut is the most dominant flavor with a hint of spice.  Definitely a well done dish.

IK - Kari Ayam

Kari Ayam – $11
Rich full-flavored Indonesian Curry Chicken

I ordered this for my grandma, but it was definitely my favorite dish.  Once again the main ingredient and taste in this dish is coconut milk.  Whatever spices is used for the sauce, its not like any other curries I’ve had before.  The flavors were just so exquisite that I couldn’t stop stealing it off my grandma’s plate.

IK - Daging Masak Jahe

Daging Masak Jahe (Very Popular) – $13
Indonesian Ginger Beef

This was my order.  I wanted something that hasn’t already been ordered at the table.  Tender strips of beef flash fried and then coated in a sticky sweet ginger sauce.  I would say this is somewhat comparable to the Chinese version but at least the meat is not all batter.

IK - Ayam Goreng Ibu Sari

Ayam Goreng Ibu Sari – $13
My Mother’s popular tasty Ginger Fried ½ Chicken

My brother loves fried chicken, so this was a natural choice for him.  This really reminded me of the one I had at Tropika (no longer in business) many years ago.  It is a fried chicken rubbed with various spices and sweetness is the dominant taste – I was expecting it to be spicy for some reason.  The chicken is quite tender even though the meat looks dry from the picture.

IK - Nasi Kuning

Nasi Kuning – $3
Indonesian rice dish cooked with coconut milk and turmeric

My mom was the only other person who wanted to try flavored rice instead of plain steamed rice.  The turmeric is not prominent so it taste just like regular coconut rice.

IK - Nasi Lemak

Nasi Lemak – $3
Fragrant rice dish cooked in coconut milk and pandan leaf

The regular nasi lemak is $7 with all the garnishings but I didn’t want that, so the server offered me just the rice for $3.  It essentially taste also like regular coconut rice but being extra fragrant from the pandan leaf.

Service was really good and friendly.  Also very helpful when we needed clarification on some of the items.  Prices seem a bit high for the portions but it’s definitely worth it for the quality.  There’s no other Indonesian restaurant (that I know of) in the city where I can get similar dishes.  I would definitely come back here many many times!

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