Lunch at Hot Stone Rice Bowl

I took the afternoon off for a dentist appointment but decided to get a sushi lunch first. I had Misato on my mind, but I drove up to a closed restaurant (they were on vacation for two weeks). Crap! So I went to my trusty Urbanspoon App to see what other sushi restaurants were around the area that was also on my wishlist and came upon this place.  It was a fairly warm day so hot rice bowls were definitely not on my mind, but I was craving for sushi really badly!

Here’s what I ordered today:

HSRB - Side Salad

Side Salad

I believe this came with my sushi combo.  Your very standard mixed green salad topped with a tangy vinaigrette.

HSRB - Salmon Mango Roll

Salmon Mango Roll – $7.25

I thought the sushi combo wouldn’t be enough, so I ordered a couple more rolls as well.  Now, in general, I never order rolls with fruits – I’m not a fan of funky or overly innovative rolls.  I don’t know why but I wanted mango on my roll that day.  You have the choice of tuna or salmon and I think mango and salmon is a better pairing.  This was actually quite decent.  The mango was nicely ripe and sweet – it was refreshing against the cool and fresh salmon.  The avocado was there to add more creaminess to the entire roll.  I like how the roll wasn’t overly packed with rice – it was just the right amount!

HSRB - Negi Toro Roll

Negi Toro Roll – $4.95

Negi-toro is one of my favorite rolls since I love toro.  The one here is really good – the toro is super creamy and oily and just melted in my mouth.  Hmmmmmmm.  I think it could use a bit more chopped onions but that is a personal preference.

HSRB - Sushi Combo

Sushi Combo – $12.95

My main.  I was pretty full at this point.  When I try a new restaurant, I always order their assorted sushi combo (or chirashi) just so I can try out an assortment of nigiri for a lower price than ordering it individually.  I will admit that this is not my favorite combination, but there was nothing else that features an assortment of nigiri.  However, this restaurant didn’t say it specializes in sushi so I have to be reasonable with my expectations.  This was a decently made sushi combo – the nigiri are a good size.  The fish was sliced to a decent thickness and there was maybe just a little too much rice underneath.  Didn’t matter to me since I only ate the fish :p The California Rolls are pretty standard – I like my crab mixture to be really creamy but I definitely didn’t get that here.

Prices are ok – I thought the rolls were a bit pricey but at least they tasted good.  Service was really good and the servers are friendly.  The restaurant itself is a bit run down so it’s very casual, and they have a patio.  I would love to return for their rice bowls when it’s a bit cooler :p Although the location is quite far from where I live, I can also go to E Mart and stock up on groceries afterwards!

Hot Stone Rice Bowl on Urbanspoon

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