Lunch at Carne Street Meats

I have been meaning to check out Carne for quite some time now.  Since they are only open during Spring/Summer I decided to check them out before it starts snowing… If you didn’t know, Carne is opened by Teatro (as well as Cucina – one of my favorites, and Vendome Cafe – which I still need to go check out).  Carne has a very simple menu featuring only a few items.

Here’s what I tried today:

Carne - Roast Porchetta

Roast Porchetta – $9.75
7 oz of garlic-parsley-rosemary rubbed & slow roasted heritage berkeshire pork belly, apple slaw, ciabatta

I was deciding between this and the Alpine Grilled Cheese, but the meat has won.  I mean come on… slow roasted pork belly? The meat was perfect.  It was perfectly seasoned, tender, meaty without much fat, soft… it was just, really good.  However, I did not like the ciabatta at all – I wish they warmed it up somehow but it was a bit cold so all I ate was the meat and the apple slaw.  Although I wish I had a bigger stomach without any consequences on weight gain b/c as I was witnessing the grilled cheese being made, I wish I could’ve ate that too.  I better go again before it really snows!

Carne - Apple Bacon Slaw

Apple Bacon Slaw – $2.50

I decided to get this as my vegetable side.  This apple slaw is not like the one in the sandwich.  The ingredients are supposedly maple bacon, parsnip, cabbage, apple and apple cider dressing, but all I could taste was apple – I guess the dressing was just that strong.  The texture of the vegetables were a bit on the soft side.  Overall It was pretty decent but a bit too wet for my liking.

Carne - Maple Bacon Creme Brulee

Maple Bacon Creme Brulee – $3

I know what you’re thinking.  Bacon? On a creme brulee? Hear me out.  I don’t even like bacon yet I am totally in love with this.  The creme brulee was perfectly creamy and cooked to the right consistency.  The layer of sugar crust was just the right thickness as it gently shattered with a light tap from my plastic spoon.  Those candied bacon bits though… yum.  It was salty and chewy and provided an excellent contrast to the sweet cream.  So yes, this is a sweet and salty dessert.  It’s different, but good different.

Service was friendly and efficient.  Note that they are cash only.  The prices may seem high for some but for the quality of the food I would say it’s worth it.

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