Lunch at downtownfood

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C and I had a lunch date last Friday. Initially we were planning to have sushi at Sushi Club or Tenshi Sushi, but then she asked if I was interested in going to downtownfood.  I have my reserves for the … Continue reading

Do you care where your food comes from?

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Hubby and I started growing some stuff in our garden last year and our hard work seemed to have paid off a bit! By we, I really mean hubby since he’s the one with the green thumb.  I’m starting to … Continue reading

Dinner at NOtaBLE

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Hubby’s Birthday was way back in June. With our very hectic work schedules and with him being constantly out of town, we put off his Birthday dinner infinitely until… I suddenly remembered about it just last week.  It’s not that … Continue reading

Wing Night at The Canadian Brewhouse

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The Canadian Brewhouse is the third descendant of the location that once occupied Flight Deck and Stonehill Tavern.  I didn’t even think of going here until my coworker raved about their daily specials and how good the food is.  Seeing … Continue reading

Lunch at Tenshi Sushi

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I’m always on the look out for a) cheap eats b) delicious eats c) unique cuisines d) great deals when searching for a place to eat.  Now, I know that sushi is not much of a unique cuisine for me … Continue reading

Pre-Lunch at Oh My Dog BBQ; Lunch at Itoko Sushi

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K and I went on another foodie trip a couple Saturdays ago.  We have been wanting to try Oh My Dog BBQ since the reviews have been very positive and favorable.  But no way were we doing to drive all … Continue reading