Dinner at Yum Yum Chicken

I recently learned of a Korean fried chicken place called Yum Yum, which is located in Airdrie.  I’m not really into KFC, Mary Browns and the likes, and the last time I tried Olive Chicken I was quite disappointed. However, K has tried it and she gave it a really good review, so I decided to try it for myself.  My brother L was also interested, so we drove down to Yum Yum after our weekly grocery trip at Costco.  As I’m not a fan of hot and spicy, I decided to go for the Shallot Chicken:

YYC - Shallot Chicken

Shallot Chicken – Half – $9.99 (6pcs)

This very quickly became my favorite.  Perfectly crispy battered chicken with a delicious blend of (I think) five spice seasoning and shoyu.  I could be way off but that’s the flavors I tasted.  I love how every piece was perfectly seasoned, unlike the ones I had at Olive Chicken.  The flavors penetrated deeply through the skin and into the meat.  This was so good.  The best part was that as crispy and deeply fried this was, the chicken were not greasy at all.  And they stayed crispy during my 20 min drive home too!

Note on the order size: a half order of chicken is considered half a chicken with six pieces, whereas a full order would be an entire chicken with twelve pieces.

YYC - Hot Fried Chicken

Hot Fried Chicken – complimentary

My brother wanted to try the spicy one (or so I thought – he actually wanted the original one which I found out after the fact), but we didn’t want six pieces.  So I asked the cashier, who is also the owner if it was possible to just buy two pieces.  He graciously gave it to us on the house! So these were also very crispy and absolutely flavorful, but they were also very spicy! If you love spicy chicken and don’t like your chicken to be doused in hot sauce, then you will like this.

YYC - Shrimp Burger

Shrimp Burger – $5.99

We also had coupons from the SUTP for BOGO free burgers, so we got the shrimp burger to try.  It is a fried shrimp patty with plenty of mayo on the buns, and lettuce + tomato + onion in between.  My toddler’s eyes glistened as he saw me eating it and snatch it out of my hands and devoured pretty much the entire thing.  Wow.  So from the one bite that I did actually get to eat, I thought this was decent.  The shrimp patty seems thin but it is decently meaty, and there’s a lot of shrimp in it.  My brother liked it as well and we would definitely order it again.

A week later I was craving for this chicken really badly… so I decided to go again.  This time I ran into my friend S and her hubby who are regular patrons of this restaurant.  As hubby was in town and my brother was interested again, we got one of their large family combos.  They are absolutely great value – two large orders of chicken, two sandwiches, fries and drink for $48.99.

I would love to come back and try their BBQ combos.  From what I saw they seem to be a great amount of food for $13.99!

Yum Yum Chicken & BBQ Korean Cuisine on Urbanspoon

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