Do you care where your food comes from?

Hubby and I started growing some stuff in our garden last year and our hard work seemed to have paid off a bit! By we, I really mean hubby since he’s the one with the green thumb.  I’m starting to get into more of the organic produce and farm raised animal+products and have thought of moving onto an acreage just so I can raise a bunch of things on my own! But, that’s easier said than being done.  Being the city girl I am, I can never be a full-time farmer.  I am moving to shopping more at farmers markets over grocery stores though!

Here are some of the things we’ve grown.  We are still waiting to see what else will come through at the end of the season! We still have butternut squash, eggplants, and we already enjoyed some blue haskap berries.

Backyard Strawberry Bush

Backyard Strawberries


We started growing these last year but the yield really only started to come this year.  I got about two strainers in quantity this year – hubby said strawberry growing season is over and I just ate the last three I picked today.  I love the color on them.  I love that they are able to ripe all the way and I can eat them right off the vine.  They don’t taste anything like the grocery store variety – not even the organic ones.  Their sweetness just taste so clean, so natural.  I can’t wait to eat more of them.

Backyard Tomatoes

Backyard Tomatoes Ripe

Cherry Tomatoes

I cannot believe how GOOD tomatoes right off the vine taste.  They are super sweet and tasty – not like the usual acidic form you buy from the grocery stores.  They have a very pleasant crunchiness like fresh vegetables would have.  So far we’ve tasted about 15… there’s still a lot of green ones on the vine which I hope will ripen this Summer!!

Backyard Lettuce


These grow like weed! We’ve already enjoyed a few bunches of these and I have to keep eating them so they don’t go to waste! I normally like to buy the organic spring mix from Costco but those don’t even compare to what is in our planter.  Again, very clean, crisp taste which makes a huge difference.

Backyard Blackberries


Haven’t tasted these yet.  I want to leave it on the vine for another day or two for them to ripen! Will update post when I do.

My breakfast from this morning.  I didn’t grow or raise anything on the plate… it would be cool if I did! I thought of plopping a few chickens/hen in my backyard but my dog will just harass them to death.



Chicken breakfast sausages from Sunworks Farm (Symons Valley Ranch)
Free-run egg from Arrowwood Colony (Kingsland Farmers Market)
Brown Shimeiji mushrooms (grocery store variety)

I have always loved free-run eggs.  I really do think they taste better and it makes me feel a teeny bit better when the hens were not stuffed in a cage.  As for the breakfast sausages, I usually buy the pork ones from Spragg’s Meat Shop but ever since tasting the chicken ones from Sunworks… I have hereby converted! Their chicken is actually certified organic and these sausages are simply amazing.  Incredibly flavorful with zero fillers, tender and meaty yet not dry when cooked.  The first time I was there, one of the owners actually said to me, do you know why I do this? I wouldn’t feed my grandchildren with lesser quality goods so that’s why my products are of the highest quality! I definitely like his philosophy and have been loving their chicken since.  Don’t worry Spragg’s – I still love your items! I got some of the grass-fed beef that they carry and I can’t wait to braise those two chunks of short rib I got! As for the mushrooms… I am steering away from refined carbs as much as I can so that’s my filler/vegetable.  I like to saute them simply with butter and a bit of sea salt.

My post is not to preach that organic/farm raise goods are better and everyone should switch over.  More simply, if you are able to grow things in your backyard, give it a try! I think you will be pleasantly surprised with your results.  I also think it would be nice if organic/farm raised goods are more readily available and be more affordable, but knowing that a lot of hard work and patience goes into farming/growing your own goods I have come to realize that it make a huge difference where your food comes from.

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