Lunch at L’Epicerie

My friend C became a mommy about three months ago.  Since she’s on maternity leave she has all the time in the world (no… not really) but I’ve been meaning to visit her and her gorgeous baby more often.  As I was off a couple weeks ago we decided to meet for lunch.  My initial plan was to go to Weiner Schnitzel Haus b/c it’s close to her home, but she wasn’t up for it and suggested NOtaBLE’s. As I was very recently there and I was hoping to try a new place, I turned down her suggestion and then started reviewing my wishlist.  I thought she was going to kill me at first b/c I was making our planning very difficult… haha.  Well I need new blogging material! So I chose five restaurants off my wishlist and let her decide on one of them, and hence L’Epicierie was chosen.  I just found out she’s quite the foodie herself – she’s very clear on what she likes/dislikes and studies menus when available.  She knows I’m picky as hell, but she also knows she can rely on me to find a good place to eat 🙂

L’Epicerie is a small, French-style deli/cafe in the complex beside Bernard Callebaut.  You place your orders, pay at the register and then food is brought to your table.  They have quite a selection in their deli and their specialty is definitely sandwiches and baked goods.  There’s also a small section of import groceries.  I’ve been meaning to try their sandwiches for the longest time so I was definitely very excited for this lunch date.  I had also hoped to pick up some pistachio ice cream from Manuel Latruwe but they are still closed for renovations from the flood.

Here’s what we tried today:

L'Epicerie - Vendome Sandwich

Vendome Sandwich – $10.50

This was C’s order.  I couldn’t remember entirely what was in it (one day I may start taking notes)… salmon gravlax, butter lettuce leaf and some other protein – which I think it might’ve been duck rillettes.  The baguette looked soft and chewy and C enjoyed every bite of it.

L'Epicerie - Croque Monsieur

Croque Monsieur ($8.5) + Side Salad ($4)

This was my order.  I wanted a warm sandwich and their Croque Monsieur looked really tasty – I mean look at all that cheese! It’s a very simple ham and cheese sandwich topped with cheese and then baked, yet it was so delicious and rich tasting.  Then again, how can anything topped with a copious amount of cheese not be delicious? I just love how crispy and creamy each bite was… hmmmmm.  I decided I needed some greens too so I added a side salad.  The salad consisted of butter lettuce leaves, tomato slices, cucumber slices and olives – topped with a mustard-type dressing.  It was a tasty salad and I was happy that they used butter lettuce instead of just regular greens!

L'Epicerie - Ham and Cheese Quiche

Ham and Cheese Quiche – $8

I ordered this for my toddler.  I of course had to taste some and really enjoyed the egg filling, which covered a very generous portion of ham and topped with lots of cheese.  The shell was buttery and flaky.  This savoury pie was just divine – my toddler definitely enjoyed it!

Really friendly service, cozy atmosphere and decent pricing for the food.  C commended me on my restaurant pick and I’m happy that we both had a great meal.  I must come back more often and try the rest of their sandwiches!

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2 thoughts on “Lunch at L’Epicerie

  1. Great review. I like your pictures of the food! Small correction: I think you mean copious amount of cheese and not corpus. Keep up the great work!

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