Breakfast at De Dutch, Lunch at Sugarbowl & Dinner at Sushi Wasabi

Breakfast at De Dutch

I have always wanted to try Dutch pancakes.  We have a Dutch pancake restaurant in Calgary, but as it is quite busy on the weekend (I don’t like line-ups) and extremely far from where I live I was never motivated to go.  Then I found out that there is also such a place in Edmonton – I told K that it was a must try! We had a bit of trouble looking for it due to construction in downtown and google map wasn’t exactly accurate, but I noticed that they have high chairs right as we drove past it! We entered into a very new-looking, clean restaurant and was greeted right away. We noticed that there’s the front end of the restaurant where it looked really cozy and more of a cafe and then there’s the back of the restaurant (where we sat) that was brightly lit and more modern looking.

DD - Apple Slices

DD - Kid's Pannekoeken (1 egg and debakon)

Kid’s Pannekoeken (1 egg and 1 slice of debakon) – $7.00

We were happy to see a kid’s menu and we both ended up ordering the same breakfast for our kiddies. With the kid’s meal you get your choice of a side/treat and a drink. We chose apple slices as it is healthier and milk to drink. You also get to choose how you want the egg done and scrambled is definitely the way to go for kids! My son polished off this plate of food in no time!

DD - Pannekoeken

DD - Strawberry Cheesecake

DD - Whipped Cream, Syrup

Pannekoeken: Boer’s (Farmer’s) – $17.50; Strawberry Cheesecake – $13.25

K and I decided that we both wanted to try a savoury and a sweet pancake, so our sweet server offered to have the kitchen split the orders for us so we didn’t have to do the messy work ourselves.  There really is no right way to eat this – I just took chunks of each ingredient and ate it that way whereas for K, she spread a generous amount of the sweet toppings for her Strawberry Cheesecake and rolled it up like a crepe.

For the Boer’s, we got one egg (choice of cooking method and I chose over easy), one slice of debakon, one slice of ham and half a Bratwurst each – along with hash browns and Hollandaise.  All of the meats were tasty without being too salty.  Our favorite was definitely the Bratwurst – it was lean, meaty, juicy and natural (no preservatives).  The hash browns were seasoned well and not dried out.  I also love how the Hollandaise wasn’t overly thick and creamy – it had a perfect consistency, and more buttery than anything with a hint of lemon.

For the Strawberry Cheesecake, it came with sweetened cream cheese, strawberry topping and whipped cream, and the pancake was dusted with a generous amount of icing sugar.  Oh was this ever luscious! It was perfect for our sweet tooth yet everything wasn’t overly sweet either.  I loved the sweetened cream cheese while my toddler loved the strawberry topping.

Pricing was pretty fair for the food, and I really enjoyed my meal here. Service was very attentive and we felt very taken care of. I would definitely return here the next time I’m in Edmonton for a tasty pannekoeken breakfast!

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Lunch at Sugarbowl

We weren’t super hungry for lunch but had really want to try the chicken waffles here.  When we arrived, we weren’t sure if it was a child friendly place as it looked more like a tavern. However, there are high chairs (yes!) in the restaurant! As we browsed through the menu we noticed that their food is only on one small sheet and the drinks were on multiple large pages! K said, I bet this place is very popular with students during the school year (since it is close to the U of A campus!).

Sugarbowl - Chicken and Waffles

Chicken Waffles – $14.00

As we are saving our stomach for sushi, we decided that we have to be conservative and only split one entree – what we came here for. We got two waffles and two pieces of chicken to share – enough for us to sample the dish in full.  The chicken was perfectly seasoned and tender.  I love the fact that it wasn’t deep fried so it didn’t feel greasy eating it. The waffle was nice and fluffy but a tad too soft, although it was warm.  The maple butter was creamy with a hint of maple and really brought all the components of the dish together. The salad was a very lightly dressed spring mix. I loved this dish. I could eat this over and over again.

Sugarbowl - Linguini w Wild Salmon Cream Sauce & Parmesan

Linguine with Wild Salmon in Garlic Cream Sauce – $14.00

We ordered this for the kiddies to share but of course tasted some ourselves. We were so surprised at the HUGE portion! And wow, was this ever tasty. So good that if we didn’t have dinner plans, we would’ve ordered another one for ourselves to share. The linguine was cooked perfectly to al dente, but the star of the dish was definitely the sauce. It was very creamy, not too heavy on the garlic yet accentuated the wild salmon quite immensely. The salmon was cooked perfectly – soft, moist and flaky with no sign of overdoneness – and there was a generous portion of it too. Oh, and did I mention that the entire dish was topped with a generous amount of cheese? It was definitely a rich tasting dish and we were close to licking the plate clean! Oh, and yes, our kids enjoyed it a lot too. We made sure they got a huge heaping serving each before we polished the rest off.

Service was excellent – the staff were quite friendly and provided adequate service. The prices are very reasonable and the quality of food is excellent! This will be a must visit for me the next time I return to Edmonton. I would love to try their dinner menu where there are more food items to choose from.

Sugarbowl on Urbanspoon

Dinner at Sushi Wasabi

As I love sushi, and this restaurant seems to have very high ratings we decided it was a must try.  Kudos to K for picking up my slack and making reservations! This restaurant is very small and extremely busy and if you don’t have a reservation… tough luck! I love the fact that the sushi chefs are Japanese and the menu looked quite authentic. Our server was nice and polite, but once the restaurant got really busy he barely checked on us. However, once we were ready to leave he came back and attended to us. And you know how some restaurants don’t care if you over order (b/c they will get more $ out of you anyway)? Our server gave us a gentle reminder that we might’ve ordered too much food but we assured him it was fine 🙂 I do appreciate the gesture though!

Wasabi - Miso Soup

Miso Soup – Served with Bento Box

Wasabi - Kaiseki Bento Box

Kaiseki Bento Box – $26.00

This was K’s order. She had wanted the chirashi but she also needed some cooked food for her toddler. Not wanting to over order the bento box was the way to go.  The selection here is sukiyaki beef, sashimi (salmon, tuna, tako), cucumber maki, ebi and imitation crab stick nigiri, gomae and assorted tempura.  K said she enjoyed everything with the exception of the tempura – it was very dry and the batter was too dense. As I didn’t try it I am only going by her word.

Wasabi - Nigiri

Assorted Nigiri

On top of our entrees we decided to try some of their specialty nigiri.

Wasabi - Isaki

Isaki (Three Line Grunt) – $7.95/2 pieces

I have never tried this fish before. To me, it has a very mild taste but soft-ish texture – it is comparable to tai (red snapper) but also a bit sweeter. Unfortunately for K she said that her piece was very tough and had a hard time chewing through it.

Wasabi - Chop Chop

Chop Chop (Scallop) – $3.00/pcs

As chopped/special scallop is one of our favorites, we had to try the one here! Sweet tasting scallop in a creamy mayo dressing – no tobiko or masago mixed in which I don’t mind. The version here is quite tasty!

Wasabi - Aburi Salmon

Aburi Salmon – $5.00/2 pieces

This was my favorite. Very thin slice of salmon (belly?) draping over a ball of sushi rice, and then torched! There seems to be some kind of sauce on it as well and complemented the salmon quite well. The fish was buttery smooth and easily melted in our mouths. If we weren’t so full I would’ve totally placed another order of this!

Wasabi - Uni

Uni (Sea Urchin) – $3.50/pcs

Uni is one of our other favorite nigiri. I don’t know if this was live or from a package but it was very creamy with a bit of sweetness to it.

Wasabi - Chirashi

Wasabi - Chirashi B

Chirashi (Regular Size) – $22.50

As this was placed in front of me, my eyes sparkled. At $22.50, this was a fabulous price to try out a bunch of different fish.  The selection that night was tuna, salmon, tako (octopus), hokkigai (surf clam), hamachi, ebi (cooked shrimp), avocado, marinated shitake mushrooms, imitation crab stick, tamago (sweetened omelet), seaweed salad, and a generous amount of masago and golden tobiko sprinkled allover the rice.  Every piece of fish was very fresh and well sliced. K and I both commented how nice and crunchy the tako is and it had a very nice bite. I find that this is usually the least favorite piece as most places don’t prepare it properly (chewy, not defrosted properly). I also love how they give you enough fish to finish all of the rice, but there was just too much rice and I was able to only eat half of it. I think the next time I order this I would ask them to give me half the portion of rice instead.

Wasabi - Unagi Don

Unagi Don (Small Size – six pieces of unagi) – $15.50

I ordered this for my toddler and he had no trouble finishing all of the unagi but left quite a bit of rice behind as there was a lot of it.  The unagi was very standard tasting – I couldn’t tell if this was the frozen packaged variety or if the restaurant broiled it themselves with their own marinade.  The sauce was mild, not as sweet so it could very well be their own recipe.

Fabulous meal. I very much enjoyed all of the food and thought prices were pretty fair. I was hoping they’d have a special catch of the day that evening but no such luck. This is another restaurant I would definitely return to!

Sushi Wasabi on Urbanspoon

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