Lunch at COTO Japanese Restaurant

After our excellent lunch at L’Epicerie last week, C and I decided to meet up again since I was still enjoying my days off work.  I never knew she was as adventurous as I am when it comes to trying new places (there’s another sushi place in Canmore I want to try and she has already agreed to going!), but I’m so happy to have an additional dining partner! I know she hates to drive but somehow she agreed to driving to Cochrane just b/c I wanted to try out COTO, a small Japanese restaurant that’s been getting some positive reviews.  As you know I love sushi, and I also love supporting small local businesses I was really excited about my visit.

Here’s what we tried today:

Coto - Miso Soup

Miso Soup – served with bento box

Very standard tasting miso soup with a generous amount of tofu and sea kelp.  I liked how it wasn’t overly salty.

Coto - Teriyaki Salmon Bento Box

Teriyaki Salmon Bento Box – $11.50

This was C’s order.  I forgot to take a picture of their lunch bento box menu but there’s quite a selection of different combinations. With this bento box it comes with miso soup, assorted tempura, choice of sushi (2 nigiri + 2 California roll OR a full California roll), salad, edamame and your choice of protein. The salmon here looks really well made and not overcooked or dry. C was enjoying the food.

Coto - Teriyaki Chicken Bento Box

Teriyaki Chicken Bento Box – $10.95

This was my order. Same thing as C’s bento box but just different protein. You get a very generous portion of the meat, which is always appreciated. The chicken was pan-fried white meat coated in a semi-sweet teriyaki sauce. I quite liked the soy-based vinaigrette in the salad – very different than the usual thousand island-type dressing.  The sushi is well made and of a good size, and the fish is quite fresh and creamy.  The tempura was lightly battered and crunchy – you get one shrimp and three pieces of vegetables.  I am surprised that this isn’t served with a bowl of rice but it’s not that I need it anyway.

Coto - Coto Flower Roll (1)

Coto Flower Roll – $13.50

We decided to share a roll and picked this.  Any roll with scallops and salmon together will automatically get my attention! This is like a sakura blossom roll but with scallop instead of tuna, and it’s also topped with seaweed salad. Once again all of the fish was fresh, and the mango sauce added a bit of sweetness to the fish that was very welcoming.

Coto - Nigiri

Nigiri: Scallop & Ikura, Chopped Scallop – $2.50/pcs

As I love scallops I knew I had to try the chopped scallop here… and then I saw that they have a scallop and ikura (salmon roe) as well! There is a generous amount of scallops in each piece and they had a mild sweetness to it. The ikura on the one was a tad salty for me, and the chopped scallop and tobiko mixture was not as creamy as I’d expect as the mayo was a bit thin. However, everything was fresh and tasted decent.

Coto - California Roll

California Roll – $4.50

This was for my toddler. I love the creaminess of all the ingredients tucked inside the roll, and then coated in a generous amount of masago.

Coto - Negi-Toro Roll

Negi-Toro Roll – $4.95

I was being a glutton and thought I wasn’t full so I added this roll, but I was actually pretty stuffed by the time it came.  It was a very standard negi-toro and unfortunately the toro didn’t have that creaminess I was looking for.  However, the roll itself was well made with a good amount of ingredients.

Service was attentive and prices are fairly average.  We definitely enjoyed our meals today and the drive to Cochrane was definitely worth it. C said that our server is the owner of the restaurant (I came a bit late and she was talking to him) and his wife does the cooking in the kitchen, so this is definitely a small family owned business. If you love sushi and live in Cochrane, be sure to give this restaurant a try!

COTO Japanese Restaurant on Urbanspoon

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