Tasting at The Chopped Leaf

I was invited by Bryan Chow, the Online Relationship Manager for The Chopped Leaf for a media event that happened on Sept 10th and 11th.  I notified him that I would drop by for the 11th, but it didn’t go as planned.  I popped my car tire in my gym’s parking lot and didn’t realize until after my workout.  Thank goodness I ran into the two nicest people (hi Joe and Victoria!) who helped me changed my tire b/c when you’re panicking and getting a flat for the very first time, your mind just blanks out.   At least I can say with confidence that I will be able to change it the next time it happens! :p So then I rushed my way to the restaurant after that and didn’t realize they closed at 7pm (this was at 8pm).  I spoke to one of the staff and explained why I was there, but they said the restaurant has closed for the day and can’t cook anything for me, although I was welcomed to go back the next day.

I wasn’t entirely sure if I should (just b/c the media event was already over) so I emailed Bryan again and explained to him that I had unfortunately missed the event.  Instead of telling me I’m SOL, he welcomed me to return and contacted the restaurant to let them know I will be coming.  Wow, I can certainly use more of that level of customer service! I mean he didn’t even know me personally but he made sure I was taken care of, and I appreciated it very much.  So yesterday after work I decided to go back to the restaurant and met the owner Jenni, who was the person I spoke to the night prior.  I got to chat with her and learned more about the restaurant before digging right into the food.

The Chopped Leaf is a franchise that is based in Kamloops, B.C., with locations currently in B.C., Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.  Their concept is fresh, healthy foods served fast.  This Royal Oak location is the first in Calgary and the next one will be opening in Airdrie.  Everything is made fresh either the day of or the night prior (preparation) and they don’t keep the same stock around for more than two days to ensure absolute freshness.  Even though the restaurant only officially opened on the 12th, during my stay a lot of people came in to enjoy the food.

TCL - Interior


There’s quite a few staff working hard behind the counter and they really take the time to explain the menu to you.  Basically you order at the register, take your seat and then food will be brought out to you.  During your meal the staff will come by and check on you, which is nice – pretty much like a full service restaurant! The menu consists of salads/wraps, rice bowls and soups, as well as some salad rolls, quesadillas and sandwiches.  With their salads/wraps there’s a list of chef’s designs or you can choose to make your own.  What’s really worth noting is that since everything is made to order, you are welcomed to switch out ingredients from some of the preset menu items if you’d like.

Anyways, I decided to play safe and picked one of the chef’s designs and their soup of the day, as well as try out their chopped water!

TCL - Chopped Water

Chopped Water – $1.50

Alkaline-enriched water, infused with melons and strawberries.  Free refills too! I enjoy the refreshing taste from the fruits – I don’t know why I never put fruits in my water bottle.

TCL - Wild Mushroom Soup

Wild Mushroom Soup – $4.50

Soups are freshly made, and it looks like there’s usually two choices on a daily basis.  I really like the homemade taste of this – very rich in mushroom flavors, yet not overly creamy so it’s greasy.  There’s a nice amount of mushrooms, rice and diced celery in the soup.  It felt so great and healthy eating it! Jenni said I should try their French Onion soup when it’s available next time – I don’t usually order that b/c most places tend to make it really salty.  Let’s see what the one here will taste like.

TCL - Sunshine Salad with Chicken

Sunshine Salad [starter size] with Grilled Chicken – $5.50 + $3.00
Spring mix, cucumbers, mozza, avocado & apples with goddess *grilled chicken

This was one tasty salad! A blend of green, leafy vegetables, sliced avocado, cubed mozzarella cheese and sliced apples – all tossed in their Goddess dressing which is a soy-sesame mixture.  I just had to find out what it was b/c I liked it a lot! And then look at all that chicken – I can’t believe at the huge portion they give you for only $3! Tender, grilled white meat that was perfectly seasoned and not dry.

I really enjoyed my meal today.  I’m not usually a fan of fast food places so I was definitely surprised here. There’s nutrition information on their corporate website and I can’t believe how low in calories my meal was, yet the taste was all there! In terms of pricing they are pretty average and on par with other fast food places.  I really like the concept here as it really fits in with my semi-healthy lifestyle and diet.  My only wish is for them to stay open a little bit later so I can drop by for a quick, healthy dinner after my workout.

Thanks again to Bryan, Jenni and the rest of the staff for this lovely visit.

Disclaimer: all food and beverages were provided complimentary by The Chopped Leaf.  I was not required to write a positive review and all opinions are my own.

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