Snack & Drinks at Midtown

After a light dinner, K and I were browsing along Kensington and decided to check out Midtown for some drinks and small dishes to share.  Midtown has taken over the spot where Broken Plate used to be.  We walked into a large, modern restaurant that was brightly lit from all of the sunlight through the big windows.  Everyone seem to be enjoying themselves on the patio! Anyways, we were particularly interested in their pork belly and crispy green beans but unfortunately they have ran out of the latter that evening.  Noooooooooo! Oh well, we’ll have to come back another time!

Midtown - Menu

Menu.  I like the rustic look!

Midtown - Spiked Watermelon

Spiked Watermelon – $6
Watermelon, Absolut vodka, cane syrup

This tasted like a watermelon slush with small hints of alcohol in it.  Quite refreshing!

Midtown - La Paloma

La Paloma – $6
Cabrito Tequila, Lime, Grapefruit Juice, Sprite, Grapefruit Salt Rim

K’s drink.  I didn’t try it so I’ll leave it for her to do the review.

Midtown - East Coast Oysters

1/2 Dozen Oysters – $12

Seeing how the oysters are so cheap here, K and I ordered half a dozen to start and then added another order of that later.  You have a choice between West and East coast and we got the latter both times b/c we prefer the smoother, sweeter taste.  These were very fresh but they weren’t as meaty as I’d like – perhaps due to the variety?

Midtown - Pork Belly

Pork Belly – $10

Star of the night.  A generous portion of deep fried pork belly served with smoked tomato confit for dipping.  These were so good, and it’s a must order if you’re a pork belly lover! There is a mixture of fat and meat pieces so it was a good balance.  The pork belly pieces were a good bite size and even though it’s technically deep fried fat, it really wasn’t all that greasy.  I also like how it wasn’t too salty so the seasoning was spot on.

Midtown - Sticky Toffee Pudding (2)

Midtown - Sticky Toffee Pudding (1)

Sticky Toffee Pudding – $6

We really needed dessert.  Midtown only has two dessert choices and we didn’t want the chocolate brownie, so we settled for this.  We were happy with the large portion, but a couple bites in I noticed huge chunks of dates here and there… which was definitely not expected.  I don’t know if that’s the style of toffee pudding that the restaurant has chose, but normally the dates gets blended in quite well so you can’t pick it out.  We also noticed towards the center of the cake it was a bit undercooked, but as we’ve polished half of it and we were getting quite full, we just left it at that.  I do like how the toffee sauce had just the perfect amount of sweetness.

Service was great.  Our server was warm and welcoming and explained to us that the restaurant likes to source their ingredients locally/from sustainable sources and they cook most, if not all, of their menu items from scratch.  I think it’s really great that more and more restaurants are doing that and it’s something that’s important to me.  I also like how it’s kid friendly, although I didn’t notice any highchairs (wasn’t really looking for them).  Prices are actually quite fair especially for Kensington.  I will definitely come back and try more of their menu next time!

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2 thoughts on “Snack & Drinks at Midtown

  1. Love your blog. The fact that you post the menu prices is awesome. Saves me having to go look up their menu online. lol. We love pork belly too at our place!

    • Thanks for your kind comment Jay! 🙂 I write my blog based on what I want to see on a foodie’s blog, and prices are one of the determine factors of whether or not I want to try a restaurant!

      I can’t wait to give your eatery a try during the Christmas Market – see you next month!

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