Dim Sum at Forbidden City

A couple weeks ago I had a morning off as I was running errands with my mom.  We decided to grab some grub before heading back to work and Forbidden City was in the area. I wasn’t thinking dim sum, but at 9:45am in the morning our other choice was pretty much Humpty’s across the street and I wasn’t up for that. As most people know this restaurant belongs in the same group as T. Pot, H.K. Cafe, Calgary Court, Sun’s BBQ and I’m not sure if Misai is still part of them as I heard somewhere that there’s been ownership changes recently (cannot confirm)? I haven’t been to this restaurant for years now and I’m fully aware of the potential bad service, yet we were pleasantly surprised as the service was actually pretty good that morning.  Food came out a bit slower than we preferred considering we were only one of the few tables occupied at the time, but as it is steamed to order it’s not something I should be complaining about.

Here’s what we ordered today:

FC - Long Donut

FC - Pork and Preserved Duck Egg Congee

Deep fried long donut (jia leung) + pork and preserved egg congee – $4.98

There’s some specials going on where if you choose two dim sum items from a limited list you will be charged a combo price, which is significantly lower than the regular price if you ordered the two items separately. My mom and I took advantage of this and ordered two separate combos. The first one being the pork and preserved duck egg congee paired with the deep fried long donut. Since the price was lower, I was expecting smaller portions so imagine my surprise when the regular portion was brought out. The long donut was light, crispy and with little grease.  The congee unfortunately was in dire need of seasoning – it was quite bland and there were barely any ingredients in it.  The table next to us ordered the congee as well and voiced the same comments as us.

FC - Tong Choy

FC - Spareribs

Lightly boiled tong choy (water spinach) + steamed spareribs – $6.98

Another combo.  I always prefer to order some kind of vegetables just to help break the grease a bit.  I swear dim sum is probably one of the most unhealthiest meals of all times as it’s all meat + carbs.  Anyhow, the tong choy was lightly boiled and was still tender, drizzled with a light soy sauce.  I chose the steamed spareribs as I wasn’t interested in the other choices for this combo and I ended up really liking it.  There was very little fat on each piece and the sauce was tasty with a hint of sweetness.  What’s interesting is that instead of having kaboocha at the bottom, there were noodles instead.  The noodles were quite soggy – understandably since it was steamed at the same time with the meat, but it also soaked up the delicious sauce so it was very enjoyable to eat.

FC - Scallop Shrimp Dumpling

Scallop and Shrimp Dumpling (ha gao) – $4.99

Two pieces each of the dumplings.  The one with the scallop is just like the shrimp one except topped with a scallop.  I thought these were decent – the wrapping is not too thick and the shrimp was sweet and crunchy.  I did think they were a bit small in size though.

FC - Siu Mai

Steamed Pork Meatballs (siu mai) – $4.95

These were also quite small in size but they give you five.  There’s a decent blend of shrimp and ground pork in each piece and it gave a good crunch.  Quite standard but tasty.

I have to say I quite enjoyed my visit today and thought the food was pretty good overall. I wouldn’t mind coming back more often for their dim sum and maybe even try their dinners.

Forbidden City Dim Sum & Seafood on Urbanspoon

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