Tasting at NYC Deli

Back in August, Chris, the owner of NYC Deli messaged me to invite me to his deli located in the Lancaster building.   Truth be told, had Chris not contacted me I wouldn’t have known about the place as I usually bring my lunch to work.  However, I am always on the lookout for good Montreal smoked meat and when I found out that they smoke their own meat in house it sparked my interest greatly.  So I told Chris that I will come say hi within a couple of weeks and not realizing that he has another business (Olly Frescos at E&Y Tower), I missed him the first time I was there.  Since I was there anyway, the manager Sarah graciously treated me to a sandwich of my choice.

NYC Deli - French Dip (1)

Friday Special – The French dip
Slow simmered peppercorn brisket topped with swiss cheese on a garlic sourdough bun baked and served with home-made au jus for dipping

I couldn’t decide what to try and went with the Friday special.  A good size sandwich served with cocktail olives and pickles – it was an excellent choice.

NYC Deli - French Dip (2)


Look at all the meat.  What I love was how juicy and tender it was and it’s perfectly flavorful without being too salty.  The cheese and the au jus was not needed as the meat stood out on its own.  The bun was nice, soft and warm and it held all the ingredients together very well.  It is a pet peeve of mine when the sandwich bread breaks apart half way so it turns into a mess to eat! And when I say it’s a good size, it doesn’t look overly huge but it’s fairly filling so I was pretty stuffed from it.

NYC Deli - French Dip Sauce

Homemade Au Jus

I love this.  I love how it wasn’t thin and watery – it had a semi-thick consistency and onion pieces in it – almost like an onion gravy! It also had the perfect amount of seasoning and I would love to slather it over my steak, pour it over mashed potatoes, dip it in fries… hmmmmm.

I definitely enjoyed my sandwich here today and have already told my workers about the deli! A lot of them always eat the same boring sandwiches day after day and it’s about time they try something new and better tasting!

* * * * *

So then fast forward to about another two weeks after, I was finally able to meet with Chris.  It’s nice putting a face to the name especially when you’ve been emailing each other back and forth, and not many owners/Chefs ask to meet with me.  I just realized today that he’s been keeping up to date with my blog, and he said he enjoys reading it because I write about a lot of different restaurants.  I told him that I’m not afraid to try new things, and I feel that as a food blogger I should be writing about as many different restaurants as I can.  Plus, I want my blog to be interesting and stand out!

More information on the deli:

NYC Deli has been open since April of this year.  It has taken over the spot where Fresh Crepes used to be.  The deli serves a large selection of sandwiches featuring meat prepared in-house with Chris’ own secret recipes, plus a variety of imported treats.  His philosophy to making these sandwiches is… lots of meat! He said that people will always care about the meat first so he’s set to make the best tasting meat with quality ingredients.  You can even customize your sandwich and choose your meat from 6, 8, 12 or 16 oz portions! Chris says he’s hoping to open NYC Diner by the end of this year with the location to be determined – I can’t wait to try it out!!

NYC Deli - Full Lunch

I still wasn’t sure what to try on this day and when I asked Chris what his favorite sandwich on the menu is, he said it’s the Rueben, finished with a can of their specialty flavored imported pops and a black and white cookie. I could go with that! Once again Chris treated me to my big lunch today. I knew the sandwich and the pop would be more than enough to fill me but I’ve always wanted to try the cookie!

NYC Deli - The Godfather

The Godfather
A double header of Montreal smoked meat with brisket topped with swiss cheese and brown mustard

I actually wanted something with the brisket in it again but I figured I should try something else.  I chose this because I can sample two types of meat at the same time. I have to say that now having tried it twice, I like the brisket a lot.  Comparing the two types of meat presented here, I definitely prefer the brisket, but the Montreal smoked meat is also excellent.  It’s got that nice smokey flavor, it’s moist, not too salty, and I like how it’s thinly sliced.  Even when paired with garnishes, the meat still stands out on its own.

NYC Deli - B&W Cookie

Black and White Cookie
Imported from New York

I just had to try this b/c I was very curious as to what it could be.  It’s a soft cookie covered with half vanilla and half dark chocolate fondant. Chris said to warm it up for 10 seconds before eating it, but if you have a shitty microwave like the one we have at work, try 30 seconds instead! The cookie was soft and chewy and the fondant wasn’t too sweet – it actually became a bit gooey since I heated it for so long in the microwave. I actually ate this as my afternoon snack b/c I was so full from lunch!

Cherry flavored 7UP

I don’t normally drink pop but when it’s interesting flavors like this… it almost taste like a cherry spritzer.  Yummy.  There’s other interesting flavors of pop available – may have to try the vanilla coke next time!

Thanks so much for Chris and his staff for the great hospitality and of course, the delicious food.  I’m so glad I got to check the place out twice and now I know where I can get great Montreal smoked meat sandwiches in downtown! I really recommend to give this deli a try if you love a quality sandwich packed with meat as opposed to bread.  I have already asked Chris if he will be selling the meat as it is and he said a price list will be available soon! Also, I think sometime in October there will be a Philly steak showdown where two different types of it will be featured and diners can vote to see which one will stay on the menu permanently – sounds like fun!

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