Lunch at Briggs Kitchen & Bar

Birthday lunch at work. I gathered a few of my friends/coworkers this day to check out Briggs and I was really looking forward to it! Briggs doesn’t take lunch reservations, and they are very busy at lunch. My friend/ex-worker J had the displeasure of waiting for us as our entire group was late (no thanks to CH)… but a table was available right away (I’m sure J told them while he was standing there.. poor guy) and we actually got the room which was a lot quieter to engage in conversations.

Here’s what I ordered today:


Sweet Pea Soup – $5.5
lemon, garlic, sour cream

I love sweet pea soup and had to try the one here. Creamy soup with a delicious blend of sweet pea and lemon flavors. I enjoy that dollop of sour cream that atop the soup – I could not get enough of it!


Organic Mix Greens – comp’ed
pomegranate vinaigrette, cranberries, cashews

There was a mix-up with my order. The server accidentally ordered me the sirloin so I had to wait for my actual order to come. I was starving and the server offered me the salad to munch on, so I took up on her offer. Fresh spring mix lightly dressed in a delicious pomegranate vinaigrette topped with a generous amount of sweet cranberries and crunchy cashews. This was a hearty size and I couldn’t finish the entire portion, but I also couldn’t stop eating it.


8oz NY Striploin – $28
mushroom jus, potato fritter, seasonal veg

I love the charred and smokiness of the steak and the broccolini. Our server told us that a lot of their food gets prepared in their wood smoked oven so if you like that charred taste on your food… eat here! The steak was cooked to rare like I asked, and it was very tender and meaty. My favorite was definitely the potato fritters which tasted like deep fried clumps of lightly battered mashed potatoes. The mushroom sauce however… maybe it’s just me b/c I’ve suddenly developed a strange adverse effect to mushrooms, but anyhow, I didn’t like this at all. The mushrooms were a tad mushy, and the sauce was very sweet… almost too sweet. Maybe it was the wine in the sauce, I don’t know, but I would prefer a savoury sauce instead.

Service, with a few minor kinks, was overall attentive. Prices are very decent especially for a downtown location. I will definitely return and try the rest of their menu, as well as try their brunches on one of these weekends. Thanks J for the Birthday meal! 🙂

What the rest of my group ordered:


Skuna Bay Salmon – $22
carrot ginger butter, spinach + barley risotto


Skuna Bay Salmon – $22
carrot ginger butter, spinach + organic spring mix substitution



Twisted BLT – $15
pulled chicken, smoked cheddar, avocado, focaccia



Grilled Half Chicken – $17
house slaw, kennebec fries

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