Lunch at MIMO Restaurant

K (mspowerbomb), S (bear hungry), M (foodstyleaholic) and I are long overdue for a foodie get together.  Since M just came back from London not long ago she wanted to steer clear of any cuisine that reminds her of what she’s been eating for weeks.  I suggested Mimo, where she agreed, while K suggested Casbah and S didn’t have a preference.  Somehow my suggestion won, not that it would’ve matter as Casbah is only open for dinner and we were meeting for lunch.

Here’s what we ordered today:

Mimo - Bread and Butter

Starter Bread

Soft bread served with butter – I didn’t ask if it was baked in house but my toddler liked eating it.

Mimo - Sausage

Chorico A Bombeiro – $12.25

Known as Portuguese flaming sausage.  How can you not love the dramatic appearance? Our server (also the owner) sets it on fire upon serving and instructs us to let the flame die down a bit before digging in.  My toddler couldn’t stop staring at the fire! The pork sausage is stated to be homemade, and I found it to be a bit dry, salty and quite spicy.  It was definitely interesting though, and I’m glad we got to see (and taste) it.

Mimo - Steak (1)

Mimo - Steak (2)

Bief A Portuguesa – $17.50
Portuguese Style Steak

A generously sized piece of steak smothered in Portuguese style gravy and covered in an abundance of crisped potato slices and a small side salad.  I really liked the taste of the gravy as it complemented the potatoes and the meat nicely.  Unfortunately the steak was quite overdone as it was quite chewy.  We couldn’t get enough of the potatoes though!

Mimo - Paella (1)

Paella for Two – $50.25

More like Paella for Four! Paella is a Spanish dish and I wonder if there are Portuguese influences to the one here? Here we have a very generous portion of seafood including lobster tails, shrimps, squid, mussels, clams, crab claws, chicken and beef chunks, all resting on a huge portion of nicely seasoned rice.  Everything was flavored very well and there was more than enough to go around.  The only thing I didn’t enjoy was the beef where it was really chewy.  I guess it can’t be helped when everything is steamed all at once? I wonder if it would make a difference if the chicken/beef can be placed in about half way of the cooking procedure.

This was a fun way to try out a new restaurant as a group and we’re hoping to make it a monthly recurrence! We were the only group there for most of the time and the friendly owner kept apologizing for delays.  She said the cook (or the server, can’t remember now) was off that day so she’s the only person running the show.  We didn’t mind since it gave us plenty of time to catch up.  I also found that S is a huge nail polish fanatic… like myself! Hehe.  Overall I thought the food was seasoned nicely with the beef unfortunately overcooked.  However, I would not be opposed to come back and try them again if I’m in the area.

MIMO Restaurant on Urbanspoon

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