Cravings Buffet at The Mirage

Vegas and buffets go hand in hand like… fries and gravy.  Or… peanut butter and jam.  It seems that on or off the strip buffets are featured everywhere.  Truth be told, I am not a huge fan of buffets due to the fact that it’s more about quantity than quality.  Call me picky, but I can’t eat very much at a buffet so it’s a waste of money for me.  However, with my recent stay at the Mirage we got two free buffet vouchers for each night we stayed and although it took up a lot of my meal quotas (I had so many restaurants I wanted to try! Sigh), I’m not going to let it go to waste.  We tried all three meals – breakfast, lunch and dinner and I got so sick of it that I ended up eating half of what I actually brought back, and I already tried to not put too much on my plate.  I’m not proud of it – the amount of food that constantly gets wasted is just wrong (cruise ships are the worst!) because if you get something you don’t like, just leave it on the plate to be collected!

Anyways, I only took pictures of what I ate.  There were way too many people hovering at the buffet stations so taking pictures of them was not possible.  My pictures will just give you an idea of what you can expect although selections will change anyway.  The stations are always the same but the food does change here and there.  There really is something for every body unless you’re just super picky like I am.

Day 1 – Lunch

We got off the plane and were famished.  Picking up our car and leaving the car rental complex took a really long time so although our flight landed at 10:30am or so, we didn’t get to the hotel until 12:30pm.  At this time you can still expect some breakfast items but mainly lunch.  All of the food stations are open.

Cravings (1)

Smoked salmon, prosciutto, California rolls, gyozas and siu mai (steamed pork meatballs) – everything on the plate was decent with the exception of the smoked salmon and prosciutto.

Cravings (6)

Wonton noodles with two wontons – I ate quite a bit of this.  When you travel, do you sometimes crave for familiar food and just need something comforting? Yeah I’m so Asian :p I like how the noodles weren’t too soggy and the broth was nice and light.

Cravings (7)

Fish and chips – I didn’t want the large portion of fries but it was preportioned out, so I only ate the fish and a couple pieces of fries.  This was actually decent and I still wish I could’ve just got the fish pieces separately.

Cravings (13)

Some shrimp cocktail thing, roasted vegetables, mushroom pizza and roasted plantain – turns out I still have my adverse reaction to mushrooms… blah.  Pizzas here have a thin, chewy crust which is something I prefer.  I quite liked the roasted plantain (with brown sugar) – a very nice treat.

Cravings (11)

Desserts – Cravings cannot do desserts.  I’m sorry, but these only looked good.  The texture for the panna cotta, mousse and creme brulee were all wrong – as if they weren’t set properly or something.  The chocolate covered marshmallow and that other chocolatey thing on stick were so sickeningly sweet that I couldn’t get past one bite.

Day 2 – Dinner

Cravings (2)

Seaweed salad, gyoza, spicy shrimp roll, siu mai, spring rolls, fried noodles – Yeah I really like those gyozas.  Noodles were nicely al dente – surprising for Chinese food at a buffet but the vegetable spring roll was awful – the ingredients inside were so mushy that I couldn’t even make out what they were.

Cravings (9)

More wonton noodles!

Cravings (12)

Butternut squash ravioli, pepperoni pizza, more sushi rolls, guacamole, mashed potatoes, roasted root vegetables and roasted leg of lamb – the roasted root vegetables were surprisingly cold.  The roasted lamb was my favorite – very tender but that Frankenstein color of mint jelly was a horrible pairing – it tasted so artificial that it ruined the meat.

Cravings (10)

Desserts: peanut butter chocolate tart, key lime tart and some chocolate thing – These were seriously not any better.  The key lime curd was probably the best thing and that’s pretty much all I ate after tasting everything else.  The peanut butter filling had a gritty texture to it and tasted very artificial.  The chocolate thing tasted sort of like a creme caramel.

Day 3 – Breakfast

Since we have plans for lunch we decided to only do one plate at breakfast.

Cravings (4)

Fried chicken with gravy, sausage rounds, bacon, Florentine egg Benedict, french toast with maple flavored syrup and red grapefruit wedges – I love their honesty in labeling for the “maple flavored syrup”, lol.  I think I like breakfast at Cravings more b/c everything tasted very consistent here, with the exception of the very bitter grapefruit and spicy sausage round… didn’t know it was spicy.  I never had fried chicken for breakfast ever and the one here was very tasty – nicely flavored and the gravy was delicious without being too salty.

Day 4 – Breakfast

Again, saving our stomachs for lunch.

Cravings (3)

Florentine egg benedict, vanilla bread pudding, breakfast stromboli, fried chicken with gravy and ham – yes, you can tell that I like the fried chicken huh? The bread pudding was way too sweet… especially for breakfast! The stromboli was stuffed with a good amount of eggs, salami, cheese… ricotta… ok, I don’t think I like ricotta cheese in general.

Cravings (5)

Bowl of watermelon – Just because it was time for some fruits.

I think the buffet isn’t as good as what I remembered it to be about 5.5 years ago… back then I was more into buffets too! However, it’s good for what it is and some items are pretty tasty.  I will say that had we not gotten daily vouchers, I probably would’ve maybe only ate here once.  Service was pretty good albeit a bit slow, but the restaurant was busy when we went.  Do I recommend this buffet? It’s definitely better than Excalibur and Luxor but not better than Bellagio for sure.  If you do stay at the Mirage and don’t feel like going out, it would be a good choice for a quick meal.


Breakfast: $16.99
Lunch: $21.99
Dinner: $28.99

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