Eats of Asia at Millarville

K and I have been wanting to try the Asian food at Eats of Asia for quite some time now.  Having totally missed the Millarville farmer’s market this entire Summer, we decided to drive down there during their Christmas Market… and it had to be literally the coldest day ever.  No joke.  But us hardcore foodies will travel for good food!

On this day we were able to meet the owner, Jay del Corro who although he had no idea who the heck we were at first, was friendly and delighted to greet us at the front window.  We even saw Terry who was helping out!

Here’s what we tried today:

EOA - Lucky Pig Bao

Lucky Pig Bao – 2 for $7.00

Eats of Asia offers a few variety of their bao, or steamed buns/mantou.  Since K and I love pork belly we went with the lucky pig.  Two slices of braised pork belly, topped with hoisin sauce, peanut bits and cilantro – this was a delicious snack.  I love how soft both the bao and the pork belly were!

EOA - Monchiko Chicken Plate

Mochiko Chicken Plate – $10.00

We had the heart set on the laksa but it has ran out by the time we arrived.  Luckily, their daily special was still available.  Mochiko chicken is a Hawaiian favorite and it’s essentially a deep fried chicken with soy marinade.  The chicken was juicy, tender and lightly fried.  I can’t help to think that there should be a dipping sauce for it as the whole thing was kind of dry when eaten all together.  I also feel that the macaroni salad, if also done traditionally the Hawaiian way, should be way creamier from heaps of mayo (I never said I was healthy).  However, we thoroughly enjoyed this rice box as it filled us up nicely.

Even though we didn’t get to try much that day, I have to say that I’m looking forward to come back and try the rest of their menu.  But I will definitely wait until it’s warmer in the Summer.  Word has it that Jay may open a location in Calgary soon… I can’t wait :p

Millarville Christmas Market

Very busy market! We ended up spending about two hours browsing around and picking up bits of things here and there.

Eats of Asia on Urbanspoon

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