Meetup at Market Restaurant

I recently joined a meetup group and one of our dinners was taking place at Market Restaurant.  This restaurant has been on my wishlist for quite some time and I never understood the low ratings… can it be that bad? Well, I just have to go see it for myself! Anyhow tonight I met a lovely group of individuals who enjoys good food and cares about where their food comes from.  We had great discussions and pretty much concluded that everything we eat nowadays are contaminated and we’re all pretty much doomed.  Yikes.

The restaurant itself is beautifully decorated with a modern feel to it.  It’s clean, spacious and somewhat bright (all the white walls/floors/tables) which quite frankly, surprised me b/c the few times I drove past it, the restaurant looked quite dark and gloomy.

Market - Kitchen

Love the open kitchen.  I had the best view directly facing the kitchen and I enjoyed watching all the Chefs at work.  They all looked so happy and relaxed – no yelling or banging of pots and pans!

I drove straight to the restaurant after my workout and was quite famished.  I decided a burger was the best way to fill me up.

Market - Wagyu Burger (1)

Wagyu Burger – $23
house ground Brant Lake beef patty, Sylvan Star gouda, tomato preserve, bacon, pickles

The burger may look small in size, but it was anything but.  It was very filling and I had difficulty finishing it.  The patty itself was close to an inch thick! See:

Market - Wagyu Burger (2)

The burger was very meaty, quite flavorful although a bit dry, but that is completely my fault.  Our server told us that the patty is normally cooked to about medium, but I do not like my patties pink (bad experience, different story) and even though I know it’s ok to have it less cooked if the meat is freshly ground in house, I prefer not to take the risk therefore I requested for it to be well done.  Also, I was told there is a blend of wagyu and pork in the patty so it’s not just beef.  I bet it would be super moist and tender if I ate it the way it was intended to, but I can live with my choice 🙂 Anyhow, it was an amazing burger with perfectly paired ingredients (love the smokey bacon!) and it’s nice that both fries and salad are accompanied (instead of making you choose one or the other) although it turned out to be way too much food anyway.  Oh and hey, their ketchup is made in-house!

Here’s what the rest of our group ordered.  So glad I wasn’t the only food photographer that night and no one seemed too annoyed that their meals got delayed b/c of me 🙂

Market - Mussels and Sausage

Salt Spring Mussels & Sausage – $18
tomato jam, white wine, pork sausage, garlic confit, sour dough

Market - Duck Breast

Duck Breast – $29
Noble Farms confit leg croquette, butternut squash puree, petite salad

Market - Side of Gnocchi

Gnocchi – $8

Market - Duck Tacos

Duck “Tacos” – $16
Noble Farms duck confit, scallion pancakes, micro cilantro, chive aioli (3 per order)

Market - Okotoks Chicken Breast

Okotoks Chicken Breast – $26
French onion broth, brioche dumplings, cavetelli pasta, mire poix vegetables

Market - Bison Duo

Bison Duo – $30
High Country petite filet, apple bacon sausage, sweet potato pave, burnt apple jus

Market - Market Fish

Market Fish – $30
horseradish, whey, celeriac, butternut squash

Those black chunks are squid ink gnocchi and I had the pleasure of trying one.  Squid ink doesn’t really taste like anything in particular – its merely aesthetics.  I did try some of the seafood off this plate and thought they were nicely cooked.

Everyone else enjoyed their food so this dinner was definitely a success!

Market - Macarons

Macarons with yuzu jam

Chef Bohati came out at the end of our meal to chat with us for a bit and brought these out as a surprise.  I did find them a tad too soft for my liking, but the flavors were spot on and would act as a great palate cleanser.  He was knowledgeable about his menu and knows exactly where all the ingredients are sourced from.

I thought my meal tonight was great – no one complained about dinky portions and I definitely saw none of that.  Plate after plate of delicious looking food rolled out of the kitchen and I only wish my stomach was big enough to try everything.  I was looking forward to trying dessert but I was just way too full.  Do note that the menu here changes quite often and Chef Bohati told us that he likes to create dishes that stand out from other restaurants.  Service was excellent – the staff was attentive, water was filled regularly and we were checked on often (but not intrusive) to see how we were doing.  I would definitely come back and try their other dishes – I have my eyes on the pork belly and scallops for two.  I also have to say the low ratings on Urbanspoon is undeserved – although most of the time Urbanspoon is quite spot on with reviews and ratings, it was definitely a miss for Market.

Market Restaurant on Urbanspoon


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