Wicked Spoon at the Cosmopolitan

Before you say, I thought this blogger doesn’t like buffets.  I don’t.  However, I do like good food and try “hot” places and I thought Wicked Spoon was that.  When I read that they served bone marrow, macarons and a ton of desserts at their buffet, and they’re more into quality than quantity, I decided that it may be a must try.  Turns out it wasn’t, and I didn’t get to eat any of the food that I was hoping for.  Before you say well, maybe those are served during dinner instead of brunch, I did do my research and it seems the restaurant changed their menus since b/c previous diners did get those items at brunch! So yes, I was pretty darn disappointed.  And the buffet isn’t even cheap.  Hubby was like, where’s all the stuff you were talking about? Not sure darling, as I’m looking for them myself! Sigh.

Do note that they do have a lot of stations and choices but I didn’t want to try just the normal stuff.  I pick and choose quite extensively for what goes on my plate.

Brunch: $26 pp (includes a glass of champagne, a Caesar or mimosa)

Wicked Spoon (1)

Plate 1

Angry Mac ‘n Cheese, Back Bacon, Sausage Round, Mushroom Cheese Spaghetti, Some pork sausage on mashed potato

Everything on this plate was decently tasty.  The pastas were a bit past al dente but the flavors were quite good.  All the meats were cooked well and nothing was oversalted.  The mashed potatoes were nothing comparable to L’Atelier de JR of course but still very creamy.

Wicked Spoon (2)

Plate 2

Caesar Salad, Fried Wings, Caprese Salad, Golden Beets, Sushi Rolls, Korean Ribs

My favorite on this plate were the wings – crispy and fried very well, they were full of flavor.  Everything else was meh.  Caprese salad is what tomatoes and bocconcini would taste like but the sushi rolls… the rice was horrible.  The ribs were super salty and the meat was very tough.

Wicked Spoon (4)

Plate 3

Pizza, Hash Brown, Beef Stir Fry, Roasted Sirloin tip, Kale Salad, Congee, Meatball in Marinara Sauce

This plate was much better except for the sirloin tip – so dry and chewy that I deemed it impossible to get past one bite.  My favorite was the congee – it was fluffly, thick, smooth and the rice wasn’t overly cooked so it was soggy.  I only wish they had other ingredients in there except for hard boiled egg whites.  The kale salad was nicely acidic which was kind of a palate cleanser for me.  The meatball was actually quite nice – meat and tender.

Wicked Spoon (3)

Plate 4

Compressed Watermelon Salad, Can’t remember, Carrot Cake, Lava Cake, Stracciatella Gelato, Blood Orange Sorbet

The desserts here definitely fared a bit better than at Cravings.  I’m not sure if the gelato and sorbets were made in house but they were very tasty and comparable to what I would get at an actual ice cream parlour.  The carrot cake was a bit dry, and the lava cake was paired with a cherry coulis of some sort at the bottom which I wasn’t expecting.

I do have to say the food quality is a tad better than other general buffets but as it is what it is, and not everything will be done right.  Service was quite good – fast and efficient.  Unfortunately since I felt so misled with this brunch it is not likely I will come back, even if they promise bone marrow and macarons at dinner.

Wicked Spoon on Urbanspoon

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