Lunch at Monta

I love ramen. Well, I love noodles.  After I found out about this ramen shop with fairly decent  prices, I knew it was a must visit.  We got there five minutes prior to opening and there was already a small line up.  By the time we sat down the line up grew some more, but because it is a relatively quick meal diners will just eat and leave so the wait time isn’t that brutal.  One tip I have for foodies that travel to Las Vegas – rent a car so you can eat at hidden gems/hole in the walls off the strip!

Here’s what we ordered today:

Monta - Tonkotsu Ramen

Tonkatsu Ramen – $6.98
+ corn – $0.50

The broth is rich and fatty and full of pork flavors.  Truth be told, I’m not even sure why I added corn… it was a spur of the moment thing.  It was not needed and really did nothing for the bowl of ramen.  The noodles were the thin, straight kind and was cooked to al dente.  The chashu slices though… those were so tender and soft it nearly disintegrated on my tongue.  I thought this was a decent bowl of ramen – not the best I’ve had but most definitely not the worst either.

Monta - Tonkotsu-Shoyu Ramen

Shoyu Ramen – $6.98

Hubby chose the shoyu soup base and thought it was on the saltier side.  I had a taste of it and thought it was more salty than the usual shoyu I’ve had.  He said the ramen was decent but nothing special – I think the saltiness might’ve ruined it for him.

Monta - Gyoza

Gyoza – $5.15

These pork gyozas were nicely pan fried with a crispy bottom.  The meat filling inside was juicy and tender.  You create your own dipping sauce with a carousel of sauces they provide.

Monta - Mini Mentaiko Bowl

Mini Mentaiko Bowl – $2.95

I like mentaiko in pasta, and from this I learned that I do not like it on rice.  The problem was I didn’t know this was the spicy variety, and it was also quite fishy.  The combination of the two made it extremely unpleasant for me to eat.  Perhaps I need to eat it in a milder form such as pasta when it’s mixed with a bunch of other ingredients.  I had to keep scooping soup from my ramen into the rice in order to made a dent in it.  I do have to commend them for the generous portion though.

Monta - Small Pork Belly Bowl

Small Pork Belly Bowl – $3.95

Hubby’s rice bowl was much more delicious.  The pork belly pieces were very soft and melted in your mouth.  Again, a very generous portion and I can’t believe this is a small – the regular must be a meal on its own!

Service was limited to ordering and delivering your food so there wasn’t much interaction, but it was generally pleasant.  Prices are definitely reasonable for the generous portions and it’s definitely a nice change from buffets.  I definitely recommend their ramen and gyozas!

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