Lunch at Long’s

It was a chilly Monday, and K and I had originally taken the afternoon off work for the Muse truffle media showing that ended up being postponed.  Well we decided to still take the afternoon off and went to try a new place off our wishlist.  Long’s has been getting some rave reviews and for reasons unknown, even though I don’t like spicy food, I can handle Szechuan cuisine.  I think it’s b/c it’s more of a numbing effect to the mouth rather than down my throat, so it’s easier to eat.

Here’s what we tried today:

Long's - Spicy Pickled Daikon

Spicy Pickled Vegetables – Complimentary

Delicious pickled vegetables in a spicy oil.  K liked it so much she wanted to ask for a second plate.

Long's - Szechuan Spicy Bean Jelly Curd

Szechuan Spicy Bean Jelly Curd – $8.95

Strands of  jelly curd noodles basking in a spicy, peppery sauce – topped with nuts.  The heat is not evident with the first few bites but it really comes through as you dig further into the dish.  So spicy, but so tasty.

Long's - Chili Pepper Chicken

Deep Fried Bone-In Chicken Pieces with Chili Pepper – $15.95

K really wanted this dish, and quite frankly I was afraid to eat it fearing that it could be deathly spicy.  This was actually not as spicy as I speculated, and the chicken pieces was bursting with flavor! Comparing to the version we had at Szechuan Restaurant where their version was all peppers and bones, the one here was executed much better. We did find it interesting to see those little biscuit sticks mixed in there but we suspect it was used to help break up some of the heat (the server did ask if we can handle heat… I said a little bit).

Long's - Braised Eggplant

Braised Eggplant with Soya Sauce – $11.95

This is my favorite dish that day but it also has the most incorrect translation ever.  In the menu, it says braised eggplant in soy or garlic sauce, yet the actual Chinese item is 茄子 (鱼香 or 醬燒), so either fish fragrant or sweet/soy bean sauce. In other words, the difference is spicy OR sweet.  The eggplant was cooked perfectly, and I like the savoury sauce with a hint of sweetness.  I can just eat this and a bowl of rice next time and not order anything else!

Long's - Pork Belly

Steamed Sliced Pork Belly – $13.95

This was a disappointing dish.  The pork belly was sliced too thinly and the meat was quite dry.  The sauce was also quite salty (not in a good way) with not much flavor and the mui choy (preserved mustard greens) was the salty kind, not the sweet kind.  Therefore it added even more saltiness to the entire dish.

Service was pretty good and efficient and I made sure to compliment on the food with my broken Mandarin 🙂 Prices aren’t bad at all and you can find street parking all around.  If only this was in Chinatown… I would visit them way more often!

Long's Chinese Food on Urbanspoon


4 thoughts on “Lunch at Long’s

  1. Speaking as Bankviewites, we’re thrilled that this is NOT in Chinatown but just a couple of minutes walk from our home! We always get the chicken with peanuts and the chicken with cauliflower and one veg dish; I do love the eggplant too. I’ve also had their dan dan noodles and loved them. Oh, the spicy cucumber- amazing. Just incredible.

    • I’m envious that you live so close to this restaurant – especially walking distance! I have got to try the dan dan noodles one of these days. I don’t think I will ever NOT order the eggplant dish!

  2. Hello Kitty, thanks for linking to my blog so I could find yours! This meal is absolutely delicious to me as I grew up in Sichuan (Szechuan) region! That chicken with chili peppers dish brought me right back to my childhood!! What a wonderful blog you have!

    • Hi Yi! Thanks for coming by and checking out my blog! You’ve got recipes on yours that I want to try out so I’m glad to have stumble upon yours 🙂 And yes I quite like Szechuan cuisine… not like the usual Chinese stuff!

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