Lunch at Kirala Sushi & Grill

I decided it was time to try out another place in Airdrie and chose Kirala.  Yes yes why not, Peaches love sushi right? Their menu offers a huge variety at reasonable prices, but I do see some Chinese influences (like lemon chicken katsu) and items “borrowed” from other sushi restaurants (kiss of the dragon rolls).  My cravings have been up and down like a roller coaster ride lately and by the time I got to the restaurant, I couldn’t even figure out what I wanted to eat anymore.  I think I definitely need to go back and try their actual nigiri and sashimi at a later date.

Here’s what we ordered today:

Kirala - Miso Soup

Miso Soup

Standard miso soup that was quite salty.  We couldn’t get past a few spoonfuls.  We did tell our server but her response was – it’s like that.  I’m not holding this against her though – her service was very attentive throughout our meal but no, this miso soup was the saltiest one I have ever tasted, and I know it doesn’t have to be like that.

Kirala - Cali Spring Rolls

Cali Spring Rolls – $4.50

This is a spring roll with the ingredients you would find in a California roll, served with plum sauce.  I asked my brother why he would order such a thing and he said I don’t know… just looked innovative.  I honestly don’t think this worked well b/c the filling was way too soft, therefore there was just no texture at all except for the crispy wrapper.

Kirala - Salmon Kama

Salmon Kama – $10.00

My mom still loves her grilled fish heads and after inquiring with our server, they were able to sell her one for $10 that day.  This was grilled perfectly as the meat was buttery smooth and tender.  It was also seasoned very nicely and served with a ponzu-like dipping sauce.

Kirala - Korokke

Korokke – $4.50

Deep fried crispy potato cakes drizzled with a sweet sauce.  These were pretty standard, but very generous portion for the price.

Kirala - Hot Shrimp Roll

Hot Shrimp Roll – $3.75

Shrimp roll, battered, then deep fried and drizzled with spicy mayo and sweet sauce.  I don’t understand the concept of deep frying a sushi roll, but then I didn’t order this.  My brother said it was ok – I definitely had no intention of trying it.

Kirala - Magic Wings

Magic Wings – $6.00

I’m not sure what’s so magical about these wings… well for one thing, they are drummettes, and they were just simply seasoned and deep fried and drizzled with a sweet mayo sauce.  I found the portion too skimpy for the price.

Kirala - Spider Roll

Spider Roll – $10.95

This is not like your usual spider roll – it is a dynamite roll topped with soft shell crab.  While this roll is well made, I prefer a larger chunk of the soft shell crab.  Given the price, I shouldn’t complain but they can charge more if they use more crab!

Kirala - Lunch Tray A

Tray A – $10.95

My mom’s lunch set and it was a generous portion.  She was only able to eat the udon and some of the chicken and packed the rest to go.

Kirala - Chicken Box

Chicken Box – $11.95

My brother and I both ordered this.  I was merely looking for an assortment of food so I can share with my toddler and thought this is a good choice.  Again, a very generous portion of food and everything tasted pretty good.  I like the tender chicken pieces in a semi sweet teriyaki sauce – they were seared nicely where the outside was slightly crispy.  The salad was pretty standard, as were the California rolls but the crab filling was sweet and creamy which is how I prefer it.  The tempura was slightly over battered but the vegetables still retained a good crunch to them.

Kirala - Tempura Banana and Ice Cream

Tempura Banana with Ice Cream

Our server gave this to us on the house.  We appreciated the sweet gesture and was very surprised.  I did find the tempura banana to be just as over battered (like the ones in my bento box).  The pairing of vanilla ice cream and mango coulis complemented the entire dish quite nicely.

Since I didn’t try anything raw, I can only comment on the cooked food.  Everything tasted pretty decent although the miso soup and tempura batter could use improvement.  Service was really good and our server guessed that we came from Calgary b/c apparently not much Asians live in Airdrie! I would not hesitate to return but will focus more on sushi next time.

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