Dinner at Spoonful

I was given a rare chance to host a meetup dinner on my own.  I have been wanting to try Spoonful for quite some time, so I used this opportunity to have dinner there.  This restaurant has a reputation of serving Chinese and Thai food.  I’m obviously not interested in the Westernized Chinese side but was interested to see their take on Thai.  Tonight I had the pleasure of dining with four very different but enthusiastic individuals and we shared a variety of dishes.  I think everyone was satisfied with the food and left happy!

Here’s what we shared tonight:

Spoonful - Tom Yum Kung (2)

Spoonful - Tom Yum Kung (1)

Tom Yum Kung – $12.25

I was expecting this to be spicy since it was ordered medium, but to my surprise it was more on the mild side and it was nicely sour too.  This soup was loaded with an assortment of meats and seafood and was actually quite comforting on a cold, Winter night.  I can see myself ordering this again.

Spoonful - Dry  Garlic Ribs

Dry Garlic Ribs – $8.25

Not a dish I would ever order on my own, but this was a decent appetizer.  A very generous portion of crispy breaded ribs with a mild garlic flavor.  They were actually decently meaty and not just all bones.

Spoonful - Almond Chicken (1)

Almond Chicken – $11.25

Another dish I would probably never order myself.  The one here is not heavily battered but it is quite crispy with a layer of white meat inside.  The almond sauce was not sweet and had mild almond essence to it, and it was great that it was served separately rather than poured on.

Spoonful - Green Curry Beef

Green Curry Beef – $11.75

This was mildly spicy but the coconut helps tone down whatever heat might be present.  Beef slices, an assortment of pepper chunks, carrots, celery and onions stir fried with green curry sauce.  I would like to see more sauce on this dish but overall it was decent.

Spoonful - Swimming Rama

Swimming Rama – $11.75

What you have here is a plate of chicken chunks resting on a bed of sauteed spinach, then topped with a peanut sauce.  I’ve never heard of this Thai dish before and I can’t comment whether it was executed well or not, I just felt there was way too much peanut sauce coating the chicken and it was very overpowering.  The sauce was also very gooey and thick.

Spoonful - Coconut Basa (2)

Spoonful - Coconut Basa (1)

Coconut Basa – $14.75

This was my pick.  I wanted something with coconut and decided to pair it with fish.  Crispy basa filets sitting on a bed of sauteed vegetables – all in a hot plate, and topped with a savoury coconut cream sauce.  The fish was cooked nicely still retaining a flakey texture and the breading didn’t become soggy even after the sauce was poured on.  The sauce actually wasn’t very coco-nutty – it was more like a herb cream sauce but still quite delicious.

Spoonful - Thai Diced Chicken

Thai Diced Chicken – $11.75

Diced chicken and assorted vegetable in a sweet and spicy Thai sauce.  This was quite average but good to eat with rice.

Overall I thought the food was decent for what it is.  I wouldn’t say they’re authentically Thai or anything but they do serve up decent Asian style dishes.  During our stay there were quite a few takeout orders and we were the only group dining in.  Prices are pretty average and portions are generous – we definitely had leftovers! Service was great – our server was curious as to how we found the restaurant and everyone pointed to me.  Although it is quite a drive away I wouldn’t mind ordering some takeout if I’m in the area.

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2 thoughts on “Dinner at Spoonful

  1. While it may not be entirely authentic I find the flavours are much more pronounced then typical westernized Chinese food. Combine that with the value and the ability to mix in a little Thai when you order it’s always been at the top of my list.

    • I agree with you! I thought their dishes were made well with the exception of the swimming rama. Their westernized Chinese fare is definitely better than most other places.

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