Lunch at Pulcinella

K and I spent a rather eventful morning doing our Boxing Day shopping and of course needed to replenish our energy with food, so we were trying to decide on a restaurant to eat at.  However, it was not an easy task as many places were closed that day as well and after much calling around, we decided on Pulcinella since they were open, and we felt like pizza and pasta! We walked into a large, modern-looking restaurant surrounded by friendly staff. A bonus is that they are kid-friendly, so I can definitely come back with my toddler again!

Here’s what we tried today:

Pulcinella - Arugula Salad

Arugula Salad – $14
arugula, pancetta, cantaloupe, drizzled with extra virgin olive oil

K said we have to get a salad just to get some greens in.  We wanted the fennel and orange one but it wasn’t available that day, so we got the arugula as it sounded pretty good too (especially the pancetta part!).  The arugula was fresh and the bitterness was barely noticeable.  The sweet cantaloupe and the salty pancetta probably took any sort of bitterness away anyway so this was a very enjoyable salad to eat.

Pulcinella - Pappardelle Di Bossca

Pappardelle di Bossca – $22
broad fettuccini pasta with wild mushroooms

What’s better than fresh pasta? Nothing, really, and this was just simply amazing.  I think I actually saw the cook making the pasta in the kitchen too! Smooth ribbons of egg pasta in a tomatoe-y sauce with tons of mushrooms and then finished off with cheese.  Even though this was the full portion it was not enough for K and I to share!

Pulcinella - Tartufo

Tartufo – $30
fontina cheese, mozzarella, parmigiano, shaved black truffles, topped with an egg yolk

We decided to go all out and order the most expensive pizza, mostly b/c we love truffles and raw egg yolk on just about anything! The egg yolk gave the pizza a layer of creaminess… hmmmmm… might have to add an egg yolk to all of my fancy pizzas from now on! However, I thought the truffle was rather mild.  There was no prominent scent or taste to it and it wasn’t pungent.  K suggested that maybe it’s because summer truffles are used as opposed to winter.  As a result, the pizza was rather bland since the blend of cheeses were also quite mild.  A spicy oil was served along as a dipping sauce and we had to rely on it for flavor.  Overall though, the crust was how I like it – thin, chewy and not greasy.  I would definitely have pizza here again, but probably with more flavorful toppings.

We definitely enjoyed our lunch today and ate some tasty food (I am still thinking about that pasta to this day!).  Service was pretty good and we were checked on often to make sure everything was going well.  Prices are pretty average for the type of food and they have got a huge selection of items on their menu! I can’t wait to go back for the pasta and try their other pizzas.

Ristorante Pulcinella on Urbanspoon

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