Brunch at 80th & Ivy

I had a voucher for this restaurant that has long ago expired, but since I can still use it for the value I paid, I wasn’t going to let it go to waste.  I got my brother to come try the brunch with me here one weekend along with my toddler.  One good thing about being on 17th Ave on a Saturday morning is that traffic is not heavy, and it’s easy to find street parking! This restaurant has actually been on my wishlist for quite some time but unfortunately they have revamped their menu so much where items I have longed to try are no longer available.  I wonder if they’ll ever bring them back.

Here’s what we tried today:

80 - Condiments

Ketchup and Preserves

80 - Steak Bites (2)

80 - Steak Bites (1)

Steak Bites – $14

These were really delicious.  Like beyond my expectations delicious.  Seasoned perfectly without being too salty and they were cooked to about a medium.  Nicely charred on the outside; juicy and meaty on the inside.  The tangy steak sauce that was served with it had a kick to it too, which I saved aside for my brunch potatoes afterwards.  I do wish the portion was bigger though.

80 - Classic Breakfast

Classic Breakfast – $13

This was my brother’s order.  He’s a simple guy who likes simple things and what gets simpler than eggs and bacon? Everything was cooked to his liking – I snatched a slice of his bacon which I believe was smoked in house and love that it was cut thick, slightly fatty and not too salty.  I cannot stand grocery store bacon since it is so salty! I used to dislike bacon for that reason, but since buying bacon from the farmers market I have enjoyed it a lot more.  I’m now one of those people that can say hmmmmmmmm, bacon.

80 - Swiss Omelet

Swiss Omelet – $13

A nice, fluffy omelet with a good amount of ham, mushrooms and Gruyere cheese.  I don’t normally order omelets but it was the best thing to share with my toddler and we both enjoyed it.  The hash was seasoned with a mild spice which just gave it a nice kick.

I thought the brunch here was well done.  After this meal I can say I would definitely come back to try their regular menu but I really wish it was still the old one (with the duck duo… yeah).  Service was pretty attentive and prices are pretty average for 17th Ave.  The restaurant has a very contemporary feel to it and the top floor (where we sat) was full that morning so looks like they have a reputation for great brunch!

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