Lunch at Una

K and I decided to try pizza again and settled on the oh-so-popular Una.  We decided to come for lunch as opposed to dinner since they don’t take reservations, and quite frankly, I don’t understand restaurants that only does walk-ins.  While some people may not mind waiting, when you have kids with you or have trouble standing for a long time it’s not a favorable situation to be in.  I usually pick restaurants that will take reservations because lets face it, no one likes to waste time.  Thankfully, we arrived for a late lunch and there were several tables available, so the two of us plus my toddler easily got a table.  We’ve already studied the menu online and knew what kind of pizzas we wanted to try but was hoping for more menu items as opposed to what was posted online (there wasn’t).

Here’s what we tried today:

Una - Patatas Bravas (2)

Una - Patatas Bravas (1)

Patatas bravas – $9

We were very excited to see this on their daily board and didn’t hesitate to order it since we’ve tried it at their sister restaurant Ox & Angela before.  For some reason, this did not taste like the one there. I remember really liking the strong taste of smoked paprika ketchup with the one at Ox & Angela, but this one was barely seasoned. The aioli also tasted different… not as creamy or as garlicky. We were definitely disappointed with the version here.

Una - Braised Veal & Pork Meatballs (2)

Una - Braised Veal & Pork Meatballs (1)

Braised veal + pork meatballs – $12
san marzano tomato sauce, grana padano

This was a tasty meatball dish.  The meatballs themselves were meaty, tender and seasoned well.  It wasn’t dry like how sometimes ground meat can be.  The tomato sauce was rich in flavor and we saved the sauce to dip our pizzas with.

Una - 4 Maggi Pizza

4 Maggi – $19
provolone piccante, friulano, fior di latte mozzarella + pecorino romano, finished with truffle honey

This was my pick.  Sometimes I like my pizzas fully loaded, other times just the simple blend of cheese will do.  The pizza was very cheesy in a good way, but because it kind of sunked in the center, the honey all slid towards there and as a result the center of the pizza was too sweet, whereas as you eat towards the edge it was a bit bland.  Without the honey, the cheeses itself would be a bit bland.  The crust was thin and slightly chewy – would’ve preferred it to be chewier.

Una - Prosciutto Pizza

Prosciutto – $18
san marzano tomato sauce, crisp prosciutto, provolone piccante cheese, fresh arugula

This was K’s pick.  She said she was expecting really delicate flavors but what we got was comparable to a regular ham-type of meat pizza.  I guess it all comes down to the prosciutto – the type used on this pizza just didn’t make anything stand out unfortunately.

I have to say we’ve definitely had better pizzas around the city.  It’s not like the ones here were bad or anything, but I’m not sure if they live up to the hype.  Did we perhaps not ordered the right pizzas? Prices are similar to other pizza restaurants of the same caliber.  Service was attentive and efficient though I didn’t feel our server was that friendly or interested to make conversation with us.  Oh well.  I’m happy to say that I’m glad we gave the place a try and will continue to try other pizza places in the City.

UNA Pizza and Wine on Urbanspoon

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