Dessert Tasting at Sweets Raku

A restaurant that serves Japanese desserts, and in a tasting menu form? I was pretty excited to add this as a foodie destination as I was doing my foodie research.  Hubby, as with most men, are not huge dessert fans, but with a foodie wife, he pretty much had to go where I wanted! 🙂 So yes, even though we had a full dinner prior to this, I still had to partake in the dessert tasting here.  The restaurant is newly open and is clean with an open concept, with very limited bar seating and two or three tables.  I’m not sure if they accept reservations but it is very popular and there was constantly a wait for seats.

I did the three course tasting (with choice of main) for $19 where as hubby only got the main dessert ($12).  However, the server misunderstood him and brought the first course for hubby as well and since she couldn’t send it back, she let him enjoy it.  A very nice gesture for sure.

SR - Interior

It was so nice to watch the chefs at work.  Watching them actually building the dessert together was quite a show in itself!

SR - Menu (1)

This was how the menu was presented.  That is a napkin ring made out of candy.

SR - Menu (2)

After we placed our orders with our server, she instructed us to lift the menu off and proceeded to pour strawberry coulis into the plate.  Then she asked us to enjoy our edible menus made out of wafers.  What a marvelous idea – zero waste produced!

SR - Mango Pudding Amuse

Mango Pudding with Green Tea Cream

This was the first course of the dessert tasting, and it was a mango pudding custard topped with a very fragrant and tasty green tea sauce/cream.  One thing I love most about Japanese desserts is that they are usually packed with flavor, yet pretty light on the sweetness.  This dessert was so simple, yet exploding with flavor.

SR - Mt. Fuji

Mt. Fuji

Soft cake completely covered in chestnut cream.  We love that although there was an abundance of cream, it was actually not too heavy and not overly sweet, yet prominent in chestnut flavor.  Hubby really enjoyed this and wish we could get something like this back home in Calgary.

SR - Ringo (1)


Baked apple pie, honey ice cream, candied apple.  I’m not going to lie.  I ordered this because the candied apple looked so pretty.  Once again, nothing on this plate was too heavy on the sweetness except the candied apple.  The pie was nicely reheated and just lightly seasoned with cinnamon.  Honey ice cream… hmmmm… one of my favorite flavors to make at home! And then the apple…

SR - Ringo (2)

I mean look at it! But what’s inside?

SR - Ringo (3)

Whipped cream and caramel sauce.  It was unexpected.  I really didn’t know what filled this pretty little thing until I unwillingly broke it apart.

SR - Petite Four

Petite Fours

A petite chocolate molten lava cake surrounded by different flavors of marshmallows and raisins.  This was just enough to end the meal on a pleasant note.

SR - Angel Cream

Angel Cream

The guy beside me ordered this and since it was so pretty I had to ask him if I could snap a picture of it.  Hubby gave me the weirdest look but luckily that guy was pretty friendly about it 🙂 It’s not like I was asking for a taste…!

Service, as with most authentic Japanese places, was phenomenal.   Staff was pleasant, polite and courteous.  You can tell everyone enjoyed their food here (they have a few appetizers too, and wine, as well as tea) and I just love how delicate everything looks! There’s not many places like this restaurant and if Japanese desserts are your thing, I urge you to give them a try!

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